Friday, July 31, 2009

Sandblasted Granite

We had Sandblasted Absolute Black Granite installed in our kitchen 3 months ago.  We originally applied 4-5 coats of sealer before using.  Over time I've noticed blotches and streaks appearing in areas of heavy use.  These are darker in color than the rest of the countertop.  Not sure if they are from food oils or from abrasions.  Any ideas?  I've been told that Absolute Black can naturally produce such spots, and that they go away on their own.  Also been told that oily stains will eventually dissipate on their own.  Suggestions, please.

Please help, Must chose ASAP

We are a young family who had been saving for 8 years to buy our first home, which we did 4 years ago and now we have waited and saved 4 more years to be able to redo the kitchen, which is in very bad disrepair.
I LOVE the look of the granite countertops and would simply love to have some installed, But I'm very concerned as to the scratches, rings and stains I keep hearing about from friends and online.
Our chosen cupboards are a chocolate colored oak and our appliances are white so we had chosen a nice light colored granite to tie the dark brown and white together (Giallo Ornamental) But after reading about the types of stones used to make up the granites (especially the lighter colored granotes) I'm rather concerned.
I played with the unsealed sample I was given and both olive oil and lemon juice did quite a number on the granite, If it were to be sealed would that fix it so it would be impervious to these fluids?
Also do you think this color (Giallo Ornamental) is a wise choice for a family with young kids who will most certainly leave red juice rings on the counters and such?
If not, Is there another type of stone or color of granite you'd recommend instead?
We need to choose within the week...ack...
Thank you very much for your help!!

honed black granite: i did the unthinkable

    had i found this site before i renovated my kitchen i would have taken notice and perhaps NOT ordered honed black absolute granite countertops. alas, i just found this site as i was searching to find a way to CLEAN said honed black absolute granite countertops since they have now been in my kitchen for almost a year and i still haven't found a way to truly clean them (not surprisingly, as it turns out). i have a few questions and appreciate any advice or help!
1. what is the best way to clean the countertops
at the end of the day and for a more thorough weekly cleaning. i'm asumming that eliminating the water marks or whatever they may be is nearly impossible?

2. i have now read that i shouldn't have had the counters sealed (whoops, already did that) and should have used a color enhancer instead. once they've been sealed can they be unsealed so i can apply the color enhancer? and how will this change the staining factor?

3. a contractor once told me that windex with ammonia will remove a sealer. is this true and will it harm the stone?

4. for future, if i want that matte black look what stone is recommended? i originally wanted slate but heard that was a maintenance nightmare. so i chose an apparently equal nightmare!

thanks so much. now why didn't anybody else tell me not to go honed???

Slate, Granite or Quartz?

We are trying to decide on the best of these three materials for our kitchen countertop - assuming we can find them all in roughly the same price range. We don't really like the shiny surface of granite, but are tempted by the durability and ease of maintenance with it. We've also heard bad things about honed granite. Quartz seems like an okay choice, but pricey for something that isn't even entirely natural stone. slate intrigues us for its matte appearance, but we aren't sure of how it compares to granite and quartz in terms of maintenance (scratches, chips, etc.)any thoughts or suggestions would be really welcome.


I have a number of burning questions after reading the question and answer site.

1. I've been reading (after purchase) that using limestone in the home is not recommended. I just purchased over 2000 sq ft. for the floor, including kitchen and bathrooms I was under the impression, however, that all limestones are not created equally. I purchased one from the Turek limestone collection (sold by Marble Systems) called "Golden Ruby". Know anything about this particular limestone? Should I slash my wrist now?

2. Looks like the best thing I could do with it would be to have installer clean with muriatic acid to take some polish off -- is that correct?

3. What about butt joints vs. a small joint? What is recommended? (I read something that made me think there was something not-so-great about butt joints.) It's an 18" x 18" limestone.

4. I'm considering honed or brushed Atlantic Black "granite" for kitchen counter. In general, it seems that this could be a maintenance nightmare, but I have a few questions. What would be the "best" finish? Honed or brushed? It is warned to "enrich" rather than to use and impregnator sealer. I'm confused by this because there are "enrichment sealers". Our neighbors used an enriching sealer on their travertine and we left red wine on it all night and there was no stain. Anything wrong with using an enrichment-type sealer on Atlantic Black honed/brushed?

Thanks, Linda

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Acid washing Saturnia

Outside in my walkway i have cross cut travertine. It has beautiful colors
and imperfections but only when its wet. I heard about acid washing. and i
tried it. i think it helped but how long should i leave the acid on and
should i seal the stone after i get the desired "natural look?"

Shivakashi Ivory

I have been looking at this slab to replace some 20 year old Corian countertops. I one piece of advice to stay away from this "granite". What would you suggest as an alternative?? If it was sealed will it still be a problem?? Is this a very bad choice fora countertop??

Good choice for cutting plotter and laser engraver

Phoenix Studio TheWorld Browser End User License Agreement Copyright 2004 Phoenix Studio, All Rights Reserved. TheWorld is free for personal, home use. You may use this software only as described in this license. If you do not agree to the terms of this license, do not install or use the software. 


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2. RESTRICTIONS. You may not reduce the laser cutting machine Software to human readable form, reverse engineer, de-compile, or disassemble the cutting plotter Software, except and only to the extent that such activity is expressly permitted by applicable law notwithstanding this limitation. You may not rent, lease, or lend the Software. You may not use the vinyl cutter Software to perform any unauthorized transfer of information, such as copying or transferring a file in violation of a copyright, or for any illegal purpose. You may not remove any copyright, trademark, reservation of rights, or any other proprietary language displayed on, in, or with the vinyl cutter Software. 

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4. TERMINATION. This license terminates if you fail to comply with its terms and conditions. If your license terminates, you must destroy all copies of the cutting plotter Software. The termination of this license does not limit Phoenix Studio's other rights it may have by law. 

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6. NO WARRANTIES. To the maximum extent permitted by applicable law, the vinyl cutter Software is provided "as is" without warranty of any kind, either express or implied, including, without limitation, the implied warranties or merchantability, fitness for a particular.

The End

verde butterfly edge problem

we just installed verde butterfly kitchen counters with ogee edge.  all over the edges look like the stone has been shattered---there are brownish white bursts of veins so the edges look nothing like the top. 
the fabricator says its just the nature of the stone.  he has offered to polish the edges again and darken them.  i am very upset with the look and wonder if he just did not do a good job.  also are certain edges more of a problem with certain granite patterns?  if i had the job done again should i choose a different edge?

granite tiles

i have instaled 12x12 granite tiles on my countertop in my kitchen, unfortunatly i have now got some slight lippage. ihave grouted the joints but wish to polish these edges down to a mirror finish i have access to grinders/linishers and i am familiar with using this type of tool please can you advise what and where i can get polishing discs/abrasive compounds and final glasing polish from. many thanks. Vin O'Leary. England.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

How can I repair this?


My husband & I just installed travertine marble floors and they are not
polished, they actually have a matte finish.  However, they have a haze on them. I'm assuming the installer did not seal the tile before he installed
it and the grout was soaked into the pourous tile.  How can I repair this? 
I read one entry that mentioned a professional floor refinisher, however, I
don't want a glossy finish.  I'd like to know if the haze can be buffed out
or if we are stuck with a dull surface on our tile.  Again, it is a matte
finish, but the haze makes it very dull and uneven.  You can actually see
"swoosh" marks that look like grout left behind from the grout tool.  Thanks
for your help.  Sabrina

Tumbled marble and grout problem

I installed black tumbled marble in my kitchen about a year ago.  The grout
is a dark gray.  The floor is now very dull now and the grout is especially
bad in certain areas - white/chalky.  I'm wondering what I can use to help
revitalize both?  **The grout is a particular problem.  If it were all
uniformly dark gray the floor would probably look much better overall.

A little background.  An independent "professional" installed the tile.
Afterward, he put down an enhancing sealer (can't remember the brand, but it
was sold by Floor and D├ęcor and used on the display tile that I chose) to
give the stone a deep rich look.  But -- he didn't apply it correctly.  He
put it down thick and left it to dry.  I'm not a tile installer so I never
questioned this- I thought he knew what he was doing. Well, it was like
someone melted a candle on the floor - awful!  Sticky, waxy - just a mess.
Turns out that the excess was supposed to be wiped up!  Of course, he
wouldn't return my calls to come back and fix the problem.   The company
that sold the enhancer told me the only thing to do was strip the floor. I
did this as best I could with a brand called TileLab.  Afterward, I applied
the enhancing sealer again following the directions.  Floor looked okay, but
never as deep and rich as the display.  Anyway, the grout started looking
spotty 6 months later.  Not everywhere -- just randomly around the floor.  I
have tried cleaning it, putting down more sealer, etc.  Nothing seems to
work.  What causes this chalky look?  Is it related to being stripped at
all?  I was assured this wouldn't hurt the tile.  Would love some advice on
the grout and on ways to pep up the marble.  Thank you. -Teresa

Slate and tumbled marble tile in a shower

We are interested in tiling our shower in tumbled marble with a row 
or two of slate design.  Will these tiles hold up well in a shower?  
If not, would they be satisfactory as a backsplasharound a whirlpool 
tub and a vanity?

Jane Muller-Peterson.

Wanting to be a proud owner of granite countertop!

We just had "Sunny Gold" granite installed in our kitchen.  It is very pretty with all its movement but it has a section that has a spot about 10" round that looks very hazy and dull.  You can see a fine shiny line through the section which makes me feel like the haze is something under the sealer.  Almost like sealing over a fogged mirror.  The stone company that we purchased this from sent out one of their fabricators and he cleaned it with denatured alcohol and buffed over this spot with a form of wax that looked like a rock.  He also used steel wool.  The spot did get smaller.  It is about 4" now.  He buffed till his buffer was to hot to work with anymore.  He said it was the best that he could do.    The light from the window shines on it and it looks terrible.  I do not want to have to keep my blinds shut so my countertop can look good.  What can I do?  I should be a very happy woman but instead I am very troubled over this.


Is there any way to get a burn mark off of a bathroom marble counter top.  They are caused by curling irons and straighteneres.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Dull Granite Countertop

I have Juperana Florenza Bordeaux granite countertops in my kitchen which are now three (3) years old and dulling. They appear to have various dull spots throughout the surface. I am not sure they are stains or just spotty dullness. They are mostly in the food prep areas of the countertop.
What can I do to bring the luster back?
Lou Scaltro.

I would like to do countertops with 12x12 granite.

I have done a few bathrooms and showers and floors with tile.. I would like to do counter tops with 12 x 12 granite.  Any suggestions you have or tips would be greatly appreciated.
A great grandmother that just thrives on projects.
Thank you.


I am currently trying to redo my bathroom and having some difficulty with stone selections.  We are removing the tub and putting in a walk in shower - so we were looking to use a natural stone (i.e. travertine) throughout with a touch of slate for contrast.  We were hesitant to use granite/marble since they are slippery and using them in the shower would definitely be dangerous.  So, what are your thoughts on using travertine for the shower & bathroom floors??  Do you have any recommendations for a different stone or combination of stones??
Thank you so much for your help!!


My husband and I are having to redo our kitchen floor. Our ice maker leaked and we didn't know it until the laminate flooring was warped. We are trying to decide whether to put laminate back in the kitchen or go with slate. My husband really wants to go with slate flooring. My concern is I have kids and a dog. When you come into my house from the garage you are walking right into the kitchen as well as the bathroom is right there so there is laminate in there too so we are replacing that too. I am worried about the scracthing and the upkeep of the flooring. people tell me slate is easy to keep clean and I read that stone is hard to have. What kind of flooring (no vinyl) is best for a mother who wants her chores to not be so difficult? THanks so much

~vivi bene, ridi spesso, e ama molto ~
 ~live well~ love much~ laugh often~

Granite Stain

My new granite countertops are called Venetian Gold.   I have stained this wonderful new countertop by leaving Strawberries on the counter overnight.  The juice has penetrated the granite and made a big stain.   I read about your recommending the poultice , but do I use the
hydrogen peroxide 12% and a few drops of ammonia OR do I use the acetone?   Please help me get rid of this awful stain on my NEW counter.
Barbara Warford.

Monday, July 27, 2009

giallo veneziano granite grease stain

Help I need  help.

My two day old granite countertop got grease into and stained.  It was sealed by the installers when they were here.  Its giallo venziano.


Connie Cook.

salt build up on sandstone

  In Boulder CO I built a labyrinth outside my church of two colors of sandstone.
  Before completion, I gave the sandstone a penetrating treatment of breathable stain proofing by an Australian company called Dry Treat..
On top of that I applied a thin coat of J25 Arcylic sealer by Dayton Hudson.

I am satisfied that the penetrating sealer did its job because there is no efflouresence. However, the J25 causes me trouble because I think it's bonding with the de-icing salts that our custodian has to put on the labyrinth when it's snowy. The lab is only 2 years old now and its color has faded from deep red sandstone to a chalky pink. In time it may look a shirt cardboard. Look at the web address I gave, you'll see.

The good news for now is that the lab seems to match the color of the surrounding low walls made of chiseled sandstone --- still I want to know how to strip away that built up salt junk.
I am not keen on using acetone all over the lab for several reasons. I have tried vinegar with no progress.
anything else?
By the way, power washing could make me nervous -- the perimeter of the labyrinth is composed of engraved stones. I could not give them the full dose of power pressure as the rest of the lab.
I would be most pleased if you come back with a terrific chemical solution!
Anne Butterfield

Anne Farr Butterfield.
findstone2006-09-12 16:14:09

leveling Travertine Floor

I have started installing 18" travertine tile in most of my home.  I have only completed only about 200 square feet so far.  I have noticed that I have a slight difference in elevation from one tile to the next.  I am tiling on  what appears to be a flat cement floor with a 1/2 grooved troll for the thin-set.  I have been told that this is normal and usually is finished with a sanding buffer to get all edges level.  Is this true and is it easy enough for a handy do it yourselfer to rent a machine and do? Any suggestions or advise?

Amarelo Brasil

Do I need to seal (impregnate) amarelo brasil (04844) for use as a 
kitchen countertop.  Would prefer not to seal if possible.  Is this 
stone a granite?
Many thanks

xylene stain on granite

We have a blue stain on our counter tops and island in our kitchen-done by paint pens with xylene in them!  Please tell me how we can get the stains out!
Thank you so much!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Grades of Granite

Could you please explain the different grades of granite.  We have just had golden oak installed and a large piece had a crack in it and had to be replaced.  We just found another crack in another piece and now that will have to be replaced.  This is a brand new house we are building and we are just about crazy.  We also we having crema marfiel put in the bathrooms today and when they went to install it they had to take a piece of that out because it had a crack.  Do you think we are having bad luck or just a bad fabricator????

limestone care and cleaning

We have just had a limestone shower and master bath floor installed. The stone has a dull finish and was sealed with an impregnator after the install. We haven't used our shower yet, but are planning to start using it in a week or so. Can you please recommend a good cleaner?



We had a granite countertop (three-quarter-inch thickness) installed last week and I noticed what I believe is a crack between the undermount sink and the front edge of the countertop -- a distance of about 5 inches.  The granite is Delacattus and has a waterfall edge, which consists of a second piece of granite, about two inches wide, glued to and set back slightly from the granite top.  The crack is through the thickness of the granite top, but has not affected the bottom layer of the waterfall edge.  The installer says this is a natural fissure in the stone.  However, I believe it is a crack because it is all the way through the granite and is very irregular in shape.  After I complained, the installer put a product he described as "like Crazy Glue" over the crack and rubbed it in.  He said it would penetrate through the granite.  It seems odd that a normal fissure would require a glue-like penetrating substance.  Based on this description, do you think the granite is cracked or that this is a normal fissure?

Thanks for your advice.


Sandstone steps

         Have been trying to remove the paint from my front sandstone steps built (circa 1820)  the paint seems to have penetrated through and my hopes of leaving the natural stone are diminishing.  What do you advise?
         Is there a sandstone stain or dye that I could use as in the past the painted stairs have been slippy and only look good for a couple of weeks before they start to peel and chip.  They are lovely grant steps that I would like to make the best of.

granite stain

Dear Sir,
My name is Chris Oberle. I have a nasty stain problem
on a granite floor in my bathroom. The toilet was
leaking from the wax seal. You can see where this is
going. It was a slow leak so it appeared little by
little. Last night I fixed the leak, but it left a
stain around the outside of the base of the toilet
that's about 1 in thick. Its dark, looks like a water
stain, but it hasn't dried after 24 hours. Most of the
leakage was water, but it was mixed with the black
fungus that grows in the wax ring. Gross huh? Sorry.
Will a hydrogen peroxide poultice work?
Thank you kindly!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Cleaning and Polishing

We purchased a new home 4 mths back and had Uba Tuba Granite countertops installed in the kitchen.

1. We have been just using water to clean them and
wipe off any spills almost immediately. Occasionally, we use dishwashing
soap and water to clean them to get rid of any additional dirt that may have stuck to the countertops. Is this the right way to clean Uba Tuba granite countertops?
2. Someone used Ceramabryte to clean the countertops and now the Ceramabryte
seems to have gotten lodged in some places and the granite seems to have lost some of it's shine. We used soap and water again to remove the Ceramabryte and also tried Windex to restore the shine of the granite but
some of the Ceramabryte is still lodged in places and the granite seems to
have lost it's shine. Is there any way to get the remaining Ceramabryte out that is still lodged in the small nicks on the countertop? How can we polish it and restore its shine?
3. What are the regular care instructions to be taken with Uba Tuba granite


Cleaning Granite Patio

We have pink granite outdoor patio blocks that have mold and grime on them. Is there a cleaner that is effective and environmentally sane? We will have to brush it on and hose it off without polluting the soil and killing the grass.

Absolute black honed granite and sealing

Hi, I just had absolute black honed granite countertops installed in my new kitchen and am having trouble removing water marks, smudges, etc and it always looks blotchy. I believe the installers applied one coat of a water based sealer on the counters after installing them. From what I've been reading here, it sound as though absolute black, honed or not, does NOT and should not be sealed. Is this the case even with regard to water based sealers? I'm not sure how to care for this granite so that I can clean it easily. Thanks very much,


Cambrian Black

I have been reading and reading, and all of your information is SO helpful! 
I am ordering granite today or tomorrow.  I was debating between absolute
black and cambrian black in 2cm for our kitchen.  From what I have read, I
definately will not be ordering honed.  I read in one of the threads that
cambrian black is a great choice for kitchens, but am wondering what its'
strong points are. Also, you said I won't need to seal cambrain black, but I
am wondering if it will lose its' shine after awhile.  My other question is
if is is more black or grey.  Our local granite shop only had a small sample
of the cambrian black, and it did look a bit lighter than the absolute
black.  We don't want drab grey counters.  Please give me any imput!  Thanks
so much!  Kate

Spot on Granite

In a panic, I sat an overheated pot on my black granite countertop.  The pot was stainless steel and probably had oil stains on the bottom.  When I removed the pot the white spot was left.  I have soaked it with acetone for 2 days.  The white mark was gone when I removed the acetone but gradually reappeared.   The granite is actually blacker than the picture shows.  Can you help me. 
Bebe Spina

Friday, July 24, 2009

Shop for a Granite Countertop

I just transferred 12 USD for the paper How to Shop for a Granite Countertop. How do I actually get the document?

How to shop for a granite countertop

I purchased "How to shop for a granite countertop". How and when am I to receive this information?
Thank you.

Testing for Radioactive material in the stone.

We are exporting Granite to USA. Our buyer has requested testing for Radioactive material in the stone.

Where can this be done in India

country of origin for Costa de Smeralda granite

What is the country of origin for Costa de Smeralda granite ?
a.k.a. costa esmeralda. 

About coffee brown granite

Thank you for your reply, it is helpful to me for chooseing granite.  I also like to remove my que. about coffee brown granite from viewer site.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Blue pearl granite care


I was reading your page and I installed granite (Blue Pearl) in my kitchen. I am pretty confused about the care of my countertops. I need to know if my dishwasher is allowed to use that contain:

Anionic or nonionic surfactants

Chelating agents


Viscosity control agents

Can You help me with this ?




Black Granite Sink Cleaing (Polish)

Hi, We have a Moen Black Granite Sink that was installed in our new home and we're wondering what's that best way to maintain it. We do already have whit spots (hard water spots) and would also like to know what type of cleaner/polish will give it that wet appearance which will enhance the black color that will show the speckles that it has in the stone.
Thanks very much.

Black granite worktop problem


I would be grateful of your advice in respect of the following problem:

I left a bottle of windolene on the granite work surface. A medium patch of the granite has not discoloured/slightly bleached - it has gone grey/slightly lighter colour to the rest of the work surface although it still feels very smooth.

When washing the surface with soapy water it disappears, but when it dries it stands out.

Is there any product or advice that you can provide to restore the patch?

Sam Hopwood

Senior Business Reviewer


cost of a 1 ton block of granite

For a school project I need to know the cost of a 1 ton Block of granite.
Please reply.

"Black Galaxy" granite counterop

I have two questions:

1/  I will have "Black Galaxy" granite countertop installed soon.  I just wonder if the stains visibly shown on the black top.  Is it true that dark color of granite will show less stains?  I know the water stain will be gone by itself.    Does it need to seal it and what do you recommend?  Can I use the "granite care kit" sold on line for my countertop.  They sell sealers, stain cleaners, etc..

2/  Also, I will have "Black Galaxy" tiles in my foyer?  Does it need to be sealed just like my countertop?  Can I use the "granite care kit"  as I mentioned above?

Thanks in advance for your information,


Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Absolute black honed granite countertops

We had granite countertops installed two years ago.  After installation
  the company applied three coats of mineral oil and then sealed it with
Mira seal.  The counters always have an oily film on them that will not
clean off.  I have cleaned them with acetone  which does clean them but
after using them for a while I have the same problem.  I was wondering
if I should use a stronger stripper and if so what do I do with the
counters after they have been stripped.  I would appreciate any advice
you could give me.

Bordeaux Granite

I am in the process of purchasing Bordeaux granite from Brazil for my kitchen countertops. I see on your site that some granites or not granite and some do not need to be sealed. Is this a true granite and will I need to seal it?  Cheryl

Absolute Black Granite

I found you online while researching problems with absolute black granite and was hoping you could provide me with some much-needed insight. 

We installed absolute black granite last August and have had trouble with it since it was installed.  It has been making rings, scratching and cracking-even a basket with no moisture on it left a permanent ring.  After working closely with our installer and supplier, we have had several treatments on it (everything from stripping and reapplying the sealer to blow torches to secret sauce with a steel wool sander) to no avail.  It has been deemed not repairable.

Now we are faced with ripping up the kitchen and installing new granite.  Our current absolute black is from Zimbabwe, which our supplier says they are no longer purchasing.  They have recommended the Indian absolute black, which they say should not have any problems.  I have looked at other colors of granite and haven't found anything else that appeals to me.  The kitchen was designed for black countertops.

My husband and I are very concerned about using absolute black again - from anywhere.  I would appreciate any insight or recommendations you could make. 

Thanks so much for your help.



cleaning granite walls


Black Galaxy

Hi I just received my black galaxy granite tops in my kitchen.  They are beautiful and I was glad to read you have the same one.  My question is how do I keep it beautiful.  The installer said to only use a little soap and water and wipe clean.  No harsh products ever!!  I wipe in clean as he said but how do I keep the smudges away.  Should I go back over with a dry cloth?  How do you keep yours clean and do you polish it every week and seal every year?  I brough granite cleaning cloths and a granite weekly polisher from "Home Depot".  What's your view should I use it or not?
Thanks and not taking you for "granite".

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

911- i have a ring on my granite

caused from a hot pan

My granite is beige or light gold midori. I have a dark ring from a hot pan i placed on the counter-
any suggsetions?

Thank You , Carla DelPapa

best adhesive to use over painted brick

can u tell me what is the best method or the best adhesive to use over painted brick? im installing granite tile over a brick hearth
 thanks .. ag

Iguana green granite

Iguana green granite

I am in Dallas Tx and wish to do my kitchen counter tops in the iguana green granite 3cm and cannot find any supplier that has  it. Can you get me the information to supply to my builder?

Best counter

Hi there,

I'm doing a beautiful high end kosher kitchen in Toronto, Canada. I will
have two dishwashers, two sinks, two counter areas etc - all to separate
milk and meat food preparation.

What is the hardest, most durable, most longlasting, easiest to care for
material for counters?

I have heard there are differences between polished and regular granite, and
between sealed and unsealed counters. What is your advice/

Is soapstone durable and nonporous enough to warrant a serious look?



acetone pouticing and expensive water polisher


I would appreciate your recipe on acetone poulticing for olive oil stains


The decorator installed my gorgeous VOLGA BLUE granite in my kitchen last month for $7,200.  After her tile installers amateurishly attempted to place my glass tile backsplash (counter to the ceiling) and failed, I noticed 3 cracks in front and back of my sink.  I think they stood on or put pressure on the narrow ledges of the sink and cracked it. I told them to leave.  The decorator said these fissures were natural fissures and were already present before installation but I doubt it.  Her fabricator put some clear yellow liquid into the crack and it hardened but I can still see and feel the crack with my fingernail.  I purchased the expensive polisher ($250) which requires water hook-up and I plan to put more of this colored epoxy resin into this hairline crack.  I also purchased the pigment, resin and hardener to be mixed.  Do you think I can ever get it totally smooth or should I return the unused polisher with all the polishing pads?  I would like to try to do this but someone told me this has to be grinded out with a blade and then filled.  This sounds too drastic.  Please, please advise.


The decorator refunded me the tiling job fee of $700 but refuses to replace the cracked granite because she says it's natural fissure (but it's NOT).  


Bamboozled in Texas

Monday, July 20, 2009

Black Granite countertop

My wife was told that if we used black granite on our countertop, that every time she wiped the counter she would have to dry and buff the counter to keep it looking nice. I disagree, I believe that a good quality sealer will make the buffing un-necessary unless she wanted to really make it shine, who is right. In advance, Thank You!  Clyde

Brushed Black?

Dear Sir's, We have recently been requested to fabricate "Absolute Black" granite with a "brushed" finish. After 3 jobs, and call backs to all of them, I am looking for advice. All have been sealed with Enhancer Pro once. Two of them twice, and the third once more. Saturated for 15 minutes, 24hour dry time, and repeated. White spots? What should we do? We are considering not handling the product, but it is a very unique finish. Thank you, Dean Collins, Kansas City, Missouri


I just installed a Jerusalem Gold floor in my entrance hall bathroom.  The entrance hall floor, installed about 80 years ago, is set with Jerusalem Gold limestone and China Black Marble.  The old floor is gorgeous, with a rich patina.  However, the new bathroom floor is not a rich, gold color--it is much lighter.  Is there any way that I can darken the stone to match the original floor?  As an experiment, I took a cut-off of the new stone and rubbed some light oil on it.  The oil brought out all of the rich gold tones in the stone--matching the original.  However, I am reluctant to oil the entire new floor.  Has anybody had experience with this?

acid stain....

We have a light colored stain on an absolute black granite tile countertop.  The stain came from pineapple juice which sat on the counter for an hour or so.  We placed a stain remover on the stain and followed the directions.  Stain remover is made by Custom Blend.  The stain no matches the size of the paste that was placed on the stone.  the sone was not sealed previous to the stain.  any recommendations?  Thanks - jason

Black shanxi granite

I have purchase this for my bathroom floor and was wondering if this 
needs to be sealed and if it is a true granite or another kind of 
stone.Any care instructions would be greatly appreciated.Thanks,Chuck

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Advice on Uba Tuba

I'm considering Uba Tuba for my kitchen countertops.  Do I need to do the lemon juice test? I have chosen Uba Tuba because it is dark and I think probably less likely to stain.  Someone wrote to you and said her Uba Tuba shows every sponge mark, streak etc.  You advised her to ask her fabricator how to care for it.  Are there general care requirements for Uba Tuba?  Is it common for Uba Tuba to streak easily?    What kind of stone is it?  From what I've read it shouldn't be sealed.  Is that true?  How likely is Uba Tuba to stain from oil?  How to you rate it among other types of "granite"?
I am sending $20 via PayPal through the account.  Thank you, Donna Padgett 

Advice on cabinet construction and counter height.

I am a homeowner and about to start building my
kitchen cabinets.  I would like to have granite
countertops installed, and I have a couple of
questions regarding what a granite installer likes to
see when he comes out to measure for the job.  First,
I intend to use adjustable leg levelers instead of a
platform for the cabinet boxes.  Will the legs support
the wieght of the granite tops?  Second, I installed a
bay window in my kitchen a few years ago, and the
plywood base for the window is 35.75" above the
installed floor level.  I know the standard countertop
height is 36", so I'm wondering if the granite that I
want to extend into the bay window could be milled
thinner so as to allow a standard counter top height?
Third, I would like to know if 5/8" plywood would be
OK to use as a support for the granite.  In my
thinking, this would allow 1/8" of the granite
countertop edge to extend beyond the top of the
cabinet faceframe, thus hiding the plywood better.

Thanks in advance for any response.

Valencia, CA

Bleach stain

I have a black granite vanity top in my bathroom. I was cleaning the toilette and set the container
on the vanity for about five minutes and it leaked. Now there is a stain that looks like a milk color. 
I assume the bleach in the product lightened it . What can I do?

Cleaning Stone

I have been browsing through the message boards on this website on and off since last night and I still have a couple questions regarding general care of the stone in my "new" apartment.  Of course I haven't read ALL the messages, so please forgive me if I'm repeating issues. 
Two very hectic weeks ago I moved into a new apartment with a LOT of stone surfacing (at least it's a lot for the size of the apartment).  Of course I am NO expert in stone, but here is what I have.  The bathroom floor and walls (including walls in the shower) are what I believe to be marble (dark green/black on floor, green/white/what appears to be a peachy/tan on the walls).  The kitchen is floored in polished granite with a matching backsplash.  All surfaces still have a nice shine on them (the bathroom less so than the kitchen-could that be properties of the stone itself?) and appear in very good condition.  Being in Germany, I have no reason to believe that the materials used are not natural. 
Now, I have had an (albeit ameteur) understanding of the delicacy of  marble with acids/chemicals, since I was 10, so I have NOT used any type of chemical or home remedy on any of my surfaces.  I have been using a squeegee on the shower every day since I moved in so the tiles, for now, are still clean.  The fixtures, however are showing water spots that I will be wanting to clean off soon, and eventually I will need to clean the tiles themselves.  My biggest question is (and forgive me if I'm about to offend anyone's sensibilities):  What is the safest, least expensive and yet easy to come by method of cleaning the water spots off my fixtures/floor pan, and eventually the soap scum from the walls, without harming the finish of the stone and incurring damages when I move out.  The grout used is also a neutral gray color, if that will make a difference.  (Please understand that I am on a single-income military budget AND living overseas where my options are limited by selection at my commissary, stuff that will ship APO, and an economy where I barely understand the language.)  I fully appreciate the look (the fact that I'm not THAT fond of green is neither here nor there) and am willing to put in some elbow grease to keep the surfaces looking nice-for the stone's sake, not just to avoid damage charges.
Also, there are some minor cracks in the grout near where the shower head is mounted, what is the urgency in getting that fixed? 
As for the granite in my kitchen, I know even less about its weaknesses than I do those of marble.  What kind of things do I need to be cautious of with granite?  And what will be the best way to clean the greasy residue from around the stove? 
Any help you can give me would be great. 
Melissa, USA in Deutschland  28Feb

Berry Black Granite Tile - stains

Hi; I'm hoping for some help regarding my countertop tiles - Berry Black Granite, polished, 16 x 16 tiles. We chose granite because of its resistance to heat, scratches and (we were told) stains. Now, only 3 1/2 months ago, I am seeing stains: one blotchy one that if I run my nail over feels rougher than the rest of the tile and two more, circular, that look like the marks left by a cup. I don't know what made those marks. Do I have any hope of eliminating those stains? Do I have any recourse against the supplier? I realize now that I should have done more research but honestly, I thought I had done my homework: I read all the magazine articles I could get my hands on that talked about choosing the right counter top material and none of them made any mention of granite being susceptible to staining. In fact they all touted it as the most resilient surface you could find! Thanks. Julie

Saturday, July 18, 2009


Maurizio, We have "granite" throughout our home and we are struggling a little to keep it shining. We have blue pearl slabs and tiles in the kitchen. Olive green looking Quattro vanity counter in one bath, Juperano Colombo tiles in a walk in shower and same for slab in master bath and blue butterfly woodstove pedestals. I saw that you offer stain removal and maintenance manuals along with cleaning and sealing products. How can I look at your offerings? Thankyou, Tim

removing stains from granite

How can I get your articles on removing stains from granite.  Please send me any information on obtaining  these.

Big Problems

We just had our master bath redone with granite counter tops and statuary marble floors and shower with granite inserts. The statuary marble is bright white with gray veining. The tiles came from the supplier very glossy, with a mirror like finish. When the job was completed the finish on the tiles was dull and does not feel smooth to the touch, It looks like it was wiped with a dirty rag, but the smear marks are permanent. The contractor hired a restoration company who worked on it for some time with limited results. They finally got a better result with some crystals and steel wool. They recommend not to seal the marble. I am wondering if this treatment is a temproary fix,will I have trouble in the future. Should I seal this installation. Am I totally screwed. Your opinion please. John Barth


I have a granite countertop and assumed that it had been sealed.  I have a dark ring caused by a measuring cup that had butter or a grease on the bottom of it.  This has left a discoloration and I would like to know how to get rid of it.  As soon as I can accomplish this, I can seal the granite to prevent things like this from happening.  Can you tell me how I can remove the stain?

"Black Beauty" Granite countertop and granite sink

Someone please help!

I recently had "Black Beauty" polished granite countertops installed in my kitchen along with a Blanco Silgranit sink (95% granite 5% acrylic polymer).

What products and frequency of use do you recommend for cleaning the granite countertop?  I was considering the following:

MB-5 QT    Marble, Granite & More Spray Cleaner

MB-4 QT    Stone & More Impregnating Sealer

Should I also use the  MB-13 QT  Stone Polish?  If yes, how often or under what conditions?

Please confirm or recommend additional or different products.  Also, approximately how many square feet will 1 quart cover?

Lastly, something strange happened with the Blanco Silgranit sink.  The granite fabricator polished the granite countertop seam (which occurs at the sink) and the polish water (and whatever polishing additive he was using) ran down into the sink.  The sink now has lightly etched stains in a pattern consistent with the polish water running down into the sink.  I tried cleaning it several times with several different cleaners and scotchbrite and nothing seems to help even a little (nor does it get any worse either). These Silgranit sinks are manufactured to have a matte finish, but now the finish is even more dull and lackluster to the point that I am no longer pleased with the aesthetics.  The fabricator (who also installed the sink) had no ideas.  I called Blanco and they said to clean it with Barkeepers friend and coat it with mineral oil or olive oil.  I cleaned it and coated it with olive oil but the "run marks" are still visible although the oil did give the aesthetics of the sink a boost.  However, when the oil coating goes away in a few days it looks the same as before.  Would mineral oil be any better than olive oil? Obviously, I cannot be the first one to encounter this problem.  I would appreciate any ideas that you may have to rectify this situation.

Thanks in advance,


Friday, July 17, 2009

"granite" stain removal tips

I just read on a website where I could write to you and get info on removing stains on granite. 
Our granite is darkening around the sink where it gets wet a lot and though I've tried to keep it dry it is still darkening very quickly.  Is there anything I can do to restore it to its original color?
Thank you very much!
Frankie Perez

Buying Maurizio's Stone products

Dear Sir/Madam:
I am interested in purchasing the following of Maurizio's products:
    MB-5 QT Marble, Granite and More Spray Cleaner ($9.95)
    MB-15 QT Disinfectant / Cleaner ($14.95)
    MB-17 70 ct Stone Wipes  ($16.95)
    MB-13 QT STone Polish ($16.95)
But I can't find anywhere on the site to actually order these products and some of his information sheets.
Could you please send me the proper link or info.
Noreen Finnegan

Brazilian Black granite

I had my kitchen counter tops redone in Brazilian Black granite.  There are many dule spots.  How can I fix this?  Does this type of stone/grantie need to be sealed?  help....thanks.

Cleaning Rough Granite Kitchen Floor

I have a rough granite floor in my kitchen - 18"x18" tiles, predominantly rough but with a polished design over part of them.  It is quite an attractive floor, though very impractical from a cleaning perspective.  It is scrubbed weekly with vinegar and soapy water, and we have tried some basic cleaners but it is becoming quite discolored in areas of high traffic and spills.  Is there any way to clean it back to something approaching its original, uniform appearance, or should we resign ourselves to letting it "season". 


chemical cleaner

I had my home cleaned for the first time by another person and they put a bathroom cleaner on my black granite it shows the spray marks from the cleanser and is dulled where they applied it.  Any suggestions I did a granite cleaner and a off the shelf at Home Depo it did not make a
Thanks J

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Antique Brown

Why should you never seal brown antique?  Does this granite crack easily?
Thank you,

Blue Pearl

We are planning a kitchen remodeling job in our small new NY apartment.  We
love the very dark Blue Pearl Granite for the Countertop with Cheerywood
finished cabinets.  Do you have, any recomendations on the use of Blue Pearl
and best finish considerations.  I see that you do not recommend sealing
granite - should that also be the case for Blue Pearl?


black granite (honed)

Have a countertop that is made of black granite (honed) and it has been sealed. Now, every time you set any thing metal (aluminum pan or foil) it leaves a mark. Any idea how this happens and what can be done to rectify it? Pleae help, thanks, Shari


I have a kitchen island that is made out of old pine with a granite countertop.  At the time it was installed, the brackets were not yet ready.  They too are pine and were being custom made.  We are now ready to attach them and my trim carpenter and contractor are arguing about what would be sufficient.  The "natural stone people" have told the contractor that these wood brackets could be "siliconed" to the granite and affixed with hardware to the pine island.  My trim person says that silicone will not bond properly to the wood and that these wood brackets must be affixed to the granite by boring holes into the underside of the granite.  One is obviously easier to do than the other.  Is the former going to work?        ABR, Jackson, MS

Bordeaux....very pretty

I have seen a granite they call Bordeaux....very pretty . But, I did not run across it in your list. Are you familiar with this one? Is it a good choice for kitchen counters? Thank you, Barbara Laskin

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Berkshire Granite

Do you have any thoughts on Berkshire Granite for countertops. Is it
something that is even considered a type of granite? A local quarry here on
the Connecticut-Mass border is recommending it.

Thanks for your help.

Bathroom Counter, Kitchen Floors and Cat Urine

I have spent the past 90 minutes reading the questions and answers on your Web site, and I am still a bit confused. My understanding is that most granite, especially the darker colors, needs to be sealed. I don't want any maintenance apart from a quick wipe with a towel and a spray with Tilex or Windex. For that reason, I'm moving away from granite and toward Caesarstone, Charcoal for my bathroom. The stone will cover a vanity and be curved in a shape called a banjo across the toilet to the wall. On top of the vanity stone will sit a 16-inch Oceana Cobalt Copper vessel, serviced by a brushed-nickel, single-level faucet with extension. My thoughts are the orangeish color from the vessel will be offset by the sparkle from the charcoal quartz.

Do I need to seal the Caesarstone or will it discolor from the use of products such as hair spray or cleansers? Are bullnoses necessary or can I leave the edges square? What do most people do?

Also, when I'm finished with this project, I will start in my kitchen, and that will open another can o' worms. For example, is cat urine considered acidic? Once or twice a year, one of my cats will decide to select a spot on the kitchen floor to reflect his displeasure in life, presumably because he has not yet figured out how to make a martini. I am not going to give away the cat, so I need to find a stone solution for my kitchen floor that would not react to cat urine.

Elizabeth, Northern California

smooth not chipped and used looking

This is the first time I visited the chat room and found your name and your site. I had searched fissure.  I'm 61 and this week is my first involvement with stone. Granite-Something Napoleon and I like it. However, it has a crack-fissure- around sink area down to cabinets and i can put my nail in it. There are several chips in the sink  bowl and it is uneven,  The supervisor from South Carolina , I'm in Georgia. is coming on Friday to look at it,.  The installers drew pictures, took pictures and filled it and never told me about it. For some reason I thought it would be smooth not chipped and used looking.  Should I expect this supervisor to say that's just the way it is.   This is sealed but looks like it has been rained on. Oh well.  I must be the stone., But I need to care for it.  One friend uses Vinigar with water spray another soap and water.   So I NEED your book.  I'LL PAY. I NEED two books one for a friend, Lert me know if you prefer a credit card or check. Thank you.,
Barbara Austin-Marcotte

Cleaning Product Haze?

I have a prefab black granite bathroom counter top (Romala Stone Inc., Speckled Black).  In the 7 years since I installed it, I have only used Tile Lab Marble and Stone cleaner.  Every 6 months or so, I've "polished" it with Tile Lab Stone Gloss.  However, I've noticed in the past few years that it just won't keep that wet look it had when it was new.  Is it possible the products have left a haze on my stone?  If so, is there a way to bring back the wet look?

Victoria Cervantes
Category Management Assistant
Warner Home Video

Blue Volga granite floor installation question

Ciao Maurizio,

I am installing 870 Sq ft of Blue Volga Granite
in my living room area.  I want it installed
butt to butt so it looks closest to an even slab
without grout lines.
One installer told be he either has to use an 1/8 inch
grout joint if the tile is installed on a straight
design or
he has to install the tile on a brick pattern with no
grout joint, the reason is because the granite is
never manufactured perfectly in size, therefore the
grout lines would not be aligned perfectly, but if he
installs the granite on a brick design with no grout
joints the discrepancies will not be noticed.
What is your opinion.  aesthetically will it look
ok in a brick design or better to do straight design
with 1/8 grout?
Where can I see your response?
If butt to butt is not a good idea, can you explain.
My sister has butt to butt travertine which
looks beautiful.
my email is

Mille Grazie,

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Black Absolute Granite

We just had Black Absolute Granite countertops installed in our kitchen.  Could you please let me know if the granite needs to be sealed?  Also, there is a dull spot on our island and the installer said it needs to be buffed with very fine steel wool.  Is this the correct solution?  What do you suggest for cleaning products?




bleach stains onf black granite

my contractor recently installed a black granite countertop in my bathroom and I am finding bleach stains on it now - what is the deal?  I don't think he sealed it with anything, but what in the world could be happening?
Any insight would be appreciated

chip's in honed granite

Three days ago I had black honed granite installed in my kitchen.  I have about 25 small chips in one slab of the granite.
They seem to keep popping up.  Also, some light scratches.  I have been "super" careful not to slide anything across the counter or leave anything setting on the counter. Totally impractical.  I have a ring where a bottle of white wine sat. I am so frustrated.  I haven't paid for my granite yet.  Is this an inferior slab?  What advice could you give me? Can this be saved or do I start over. Thank you. Jan

granite cleaning

I just found your site while looking for general tips about granite cleaning.
What a wealth of information you provide!!!!!!
I thought the only thing involved about choosing granite was selecting the color you wanted.
I am trying to access your column,"rocking the boat" but there is no 'side bar' on the page for me to click on.
diane civitelli

Care products for granite

What web site do I use to find your care products for granite?  I have been reading your website where you quote using your M4, M13, etc., but need to know where to read about them in order to order them.
JoAnn Kettman

Monday, July 13, 2009

Blue Pearl Countertop

We moved into our brand new house in July, 2005.  My kitchen countertops and the bar tops are all done in Blue Pearl 'granite', which I love.  Just recently, I've noticed that my countertop is 'pitting'. It is getting little grooves in it. I am very careful and wipe up spills immediately and use a cutting board for slicing. Is this normal for granite or does it indicate poor quality? Is there any way I can prevent this process from continuing?

Cleaning/Sealing Granite

Good afternoon,

We just installed Light Emperador Marble/Granite in our bathroom and Emerald Pearl Granite in our kitchen.

1)    Do they need to be sealed?

2)       Does the sealer need to be an impregnator? If so, please recommend a brand of sealer for both
3)       How often should they be sealed
4)       What can I use to clean these countertops with?

Michell C. Delmonte-Synnott

butter stain

Wow, awesome web site!  Ive learned so much more from your website in the last hour, than I did researching granite counters for 2 months at local stores and fabricators.
  We have what I assume is "granite", its gray and black with moderate movement and ruby red garnets throughout.  Its called somoa lite.  when you run your hand across the top, you can feel cracks, crevices etc around the garnets especially.  I wonder if those garnets are prone to crumble, dislodge etc, especially around the sink cut out?  Also, although Im not having any trouble with water stains, should I reseal?  Weve had it almost 4 months and the installers supposedly sealed it.  Of course, I already have an "oops",  I left a wrapped stick of butter out overnite  and it bled through.  The stain, untreated, has lifted a lot, but some does remain.  Id like to try your poultice method with the acetone if it's not too late,  its been a month!  I realize I have to reseal the area and maybe youll say to do the entire top after anyways, but I assume even if it fails, I wont do any further harm? Again, Im assuming this is granite and should be sealed every 6 months anyways?  Lastly, what daily cleaner would you recommend?  Thankyou so much.  Lisa

A Question

Hi.  We are having a marble surround installed around our jacuzzi.  There is a wood molding along the front and the marble goes right up to this.  My question is should the marble be exactly level with this wood edge, or should it be installed slightly above it?  Also, would this be the same recommendation for a flat hearth in front of a fireplace.
Also, what material do you recommend for a family room hearth?  Would a honed granite be the most durable?  Thank you.  Nancy

black galaxy granite

I heard about your mb 11 for granite. I recently had some black galaxy installed and now I notice cup marks. Will this help with the problem and how do I purchase it? THANKS JASON

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Shop for a Granite Kitchen Countertop

please tell  how to get a copy of your article, "How to Shop for a Granite Kitchen Countertop"

Limestone Foundation/Basement

I purchased a house a year ago that had a natural limestone foundation.  The interior of the walls had been waterproofed/painted with an unknown white covering.  It does not appear to be normal waterproofing paint.
It has a semigloss appearance and seems to have covered initally very well.  However, as this last year has passed, sevaral areas have experienced one of three conditions:  1) the covering/paint has cracked/chipped from the wall surface; 2) the covering/paint has almost disolved or otherwise diasppeared leaving some visible traces of the natural stone; 3) Lime has leeched through the covering/paint leaving a white chrystaline/powder sitting on the rocks.
My instinct is to wire brush the loose covering/paint and lime and find a sealer or epoxy type of covering to provide a smoothg baby safe surface....well as baby safe as stone can be....
Please let me know you thoughts,
Aaron Ferguson

New Granite Countertops

I just had new granite countertops installed in my kitchen and on three vanities in the bathrooms.  All of the countertops were done in Butterfly Green.  I didn't find your site until after installation.  Is Butterfly Green a porous granite?  Is it "real" or as I've read on some of the other questions, another type of stone being sold as real granite?  The installer did an initial sealant twice during install and when I asked him about future care, he said they would not need sealants again, just use a granite cleaner occasionally to keep them shiny.  Is this correct?  Also, I selected the granite slabs from a yard myself and when I did I selected the thick granite (1 3/8 inch I believe).  Now I am wondering (too late I guess to do anything about it), if there was any real reason for spending the extra money for the money.  Would I have been better off to buy the thinner slabs?  I had thought I had gotten a really good price for the slabs and the install but now I am worried.



need your advise

We just purchased Giallo Ornamental granite for our countertop about one month ago.  I had a small bag of cherry tomatoes sitting in a bag on the countertop and went away for a couple of days. When I came home, I picked up the bag and some of the tomatoes started to get soft and the bottom of the bag was wet. There is a rectangular wet looking spot on the granite where the bag was. Do you think this will be go away? What can I do to get rid of this spot?
Thank You,

vein or a crack

Hi !  We just had granite countertops installed (Super Classico from Brazil).  The stone is veiny, but there is one long "crack" about 32" long 3" from the edge of the counter.  It is very difficult to tell whether this is a vein or a crack.  It can be felt, but so can some of the more natural looking veins.  We viewed one of the two slabs used for the job, but may have missed this.  Is there any way to tell if this is damage caused by the fabricator? 

Saturday, July 11, 2009


Yesterday i had removalists in moving me from a rented home, whilst moving the fridge they have badly scratched the slate floor, as well all the way up the hall, has been scratched, how can i cover this up, and repair, as i will lose my bond, and as a single mum, i cant afford to do this

Sandstone Basement

My house has a sandstone basement. Outside when I removed some plaster, I noticed sandy erosion and deep cavities in the sandstone where mice often gain access to the house. How do I seal these cavities? Use expanding foam or push in some kind of mortar? And what do I plaster it over with again?  I then hope to insulate the wall with styrofoam down to the footing. Please advise me. Thank you sincerely. Patrick Owens.

stains and marks on slate dinning room

I have a solid honed slate dining room table that was never sealed.
After 10 years of heavy use it has stains and marks that I cannot
remove.  Is it possible to clean and seal it?

First time washing and polishing

We are in the process of installing marble floors in our building, but we are also installing some electrical floor boxes for data, voice and power installations.
The problem is that the marble installation contractor wants to wash and polish the marble using some rotary machines and water and we think that a better way must exist for doing this polishing rather than a very messy water and rotary machine wash.
Also we are afraid that the machine would damage the edges of the floor boxes which are installed between marble slabs.
Please can you advice us.
Best Regards
Eme Iheanacho
27a, McCarthy Street
Suite 302, Onikan

Questions regarding slate fireplace surround

Hi - I have a black foreplace surround with no mantle.  I don't want to rip
up/take out the slate but am ready for a different look.  Can I:  1) paint
the slate with apprpriate primer/paint?  2)  put tile or marble over the
slate?  Thank you in advance for your response.

Friday, July 10, 2009

I had the Juparana Colombo granite installed

My name is Phyllis Cusumano and I live in Florida.  in my kitchen on September 24, 2005.  Shortly after the installation I would notice spots from simple everyday use, specifically splatters and food spills which cause these stains.  The company did come to my house on October 15, 2005, and resealed it.  This was done by a young man that so swiftly moved his rags back and forth across my granite countertop then left.
I recently visited another granite company asking about this particular granite and was told that because it is very light in color and so porous that it required at least 3 coats of sealing. 
Can you PLEASE help me!!  Do I have any recourse in this matter?  I am in a real dilemma.  I am constantly using towels to cover the granite when I am cooking and working in my kitchen.  In other words do I have a legal leg to stand on.  I would appreciate any information or advice that you can give me.
Thank you very much for your time!
findstone2006-11-23 14:06:13

Color: Crimson Blaze

What are other color names for crimson blaze? I found it at Arizona Tile. 

way to repair scratch

I hope you can help, I have a black granit worktop with flecks of grey through it........... a scouring pad was used on it to remove paint and now its scratched....... is there any way to repair this?
Regards Lisa

Granite and Plumber's Putty

I am installing a 3 piece lavatory set on a new black granite countertop in
the bathroom.  The faucet set did not come with any gaskets for the spout or
the hot and cold handle to seat onto the granite top.  Can I use plumber's
putty to seal under the spout and hot and cold handles?

fix a crack in granite

Hello! I found your site this evening and was hoping you could help.  While
installing new sink, my husbank used a hammer to pry the old sink out. 
Unfortunatley, this put three 2 inch horizontal cracks in our granite at
each point he used the hammer.  This is right in front of the sink and you
can feel them with your fingernail.  Is there anything we can do to seal the
crack or lessen its appearance or protect it from getting dirt in it and
making the cracks more noticable?  I don't think they will spread because
they are horizontal, but my husband thinks we can/should do  nothing because
it's not so noticeable.  I'm not as sure  because I worry what could happen
in the future with it looking more noticeable...II read something on your
site about epoxy, is this an option? Any help you could give would be

PS  How often should you seal granite?


Lori from Pasadena, MD

Thursday, July 9, 2009

method to measure hardness of marble


i an engaged in a reseach involving cnc machining of marble statue.will you please inform me is there any method to measure hardness of marble
other than moh's test.


Dullness Ring around faucett & soap dispenser

My specific problem is that we recently had installed "Black Impala" granite
countertops.  In just a few weeks we developed dulling or cloudiness
surrounding, approx. 1/2 inch around, the sink faucett and more, approx. 1
inch, around the soap dispenser.  The soap dispenser was a litlle loose and
I figure that water from countertop wipe ups might have been sliding down
the drill holes and getting into the granite from the raw inside of the
drill holes.  Perhaps our somewhat hard Connecticut well water is causing
the dullness.  Is this a stain?  Can you fix it from the surface?  How?  Any
help/advice will be appreciated.

Jeff Ohngemach

Marble bull nose corners

I'm using 12x12 polished crema marfil marble in my bathroom.  Around the shower we want the bull nose edge.  Where can I find the bull nose edge marble?

advice for installing travertine or any other mate

G617 or G636 burned surface tiles.60x30x6cm.
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Granite counter top surface not correct at the fac

I have been searching the web for a knowledgeable person on problems with Granite surfaces and was very impressed by your knowledge. I have to give you a little background first. We have new granite counter tops that are in the process of being installed in the bathrooms. About 2 years ago we had granite counter tops put in the kitchen by a different installer. I believe the granite came from the same supplier, Capco in Denver, CO. The granite for the kitchen and bathrooms are different colors. The pattern in the kitchen seems to be more dense (if that makes sense) while the pattern in the bathrooms is more of a swirl effect.

My question is when I look at the new counter tops in the bathrooms they don't appear to be completely polished compared to the kitchen counter tops. It appears that there is still an appearance  of a grain (where it is not completely filled in), somewhat like a spider pattern throughout the counter tops. When I asked the contractor about this and showed him the difference, he said they just needed to be sealed. When he put a sealer on it (sealer & cleaner) they seemed to be better, but no as good as the kitchen. The contractor also said to do that every two weeks. I said I didn't have to do that with the kitchen granite and he said that it's stone and they differ.


I think there was a problem or incomplete work done with the finish when they did the counter tops at the factory? We picked a slab out at the store in both cases. Any help or response is much appreciated. Hopefully I have described the concern I have properly.  


Dick Gibson



Wednesday, July 8, 2009

marble problem

 I have a marble shower. A few of the tiles have small areas where one of the minerals in the tile  has crumbled into tiny shards. When I clean the water off the tiles with a window wiper, these tiny, minute bits have fallen out. At first, not knowing where the black bits had come from, I threw them out.
    How can I fill those small areas so that there is no more damage? I am very upset by this.
Thank you for your help.

Sealing Petrified Wood

     This is probably a first for this list since Petrified wood is not granite but since this seems to be the most posted to forum then maybe someone out there has a suggestion.
     I am looking for a product that can seal the surface of Petrified Wood, 
which is of the Quartz family.
         I recently cut a large piece of Petrified wood to make a couple of
 headstones ( 14" x 22" x 4" thick ) for my Mother and Grandmother.  There are numerous  fractures that probably should be sealed since the stone will be out in the cold and wet weather in the NorthWestern U.S.
   What would you recommend to seal the surface and keep water out of the fractures??  Thanks,    John

help clean my granite

Hi, I just moved into an apartment that has dark-green granite countertops and floors in the kitchen. I washed my dishes with Palmolive Lemon Detergent and about an hour later I noticed this white powdery residue on the granite around the sink- can you help me get rid of this? Endless scrubbing hasn't helped.

Thanks, Grace


Travertines result from hot spring water percolating up through underground limestone. When the water evaporates, it leaves behind layers of dissolved limestone and other minerals, giving it its banded appearance. The characteristic holes in travertine are the result of trapped gas bubbles; as the gas escapes, crystals form in the cavities. Yellowstone Park, for example, with its geysers and mineral springs, produces travertine. Natural travertine will have voids on the surface, and these voids are filled with cementatious or resin based filler during fabrication. In the case of cross-cut travertine, some of the holes will be near the face but will not actually window out of the face. Since these voids are not exposed during the fabrication process, they are not filled. Once in service, the thin shell of travertine separating the void from the face is not strong enough to support traffic, especially heels. The stone will "pop" out at these locations, exposing the previously undetected void. This is an expected occurrence in travertine. The holes simply need to be refilled with a similar type and color of filler material as was used in the factory. Depending upon the size and frequency of holes, this procedure may need to be repeated several times. It is analogous to a "break-in" period for the floor. Travertines are generally light-colored beiges and tans, though there are some beautiful, colored travertines that have resulted from other minerals dissolved by hot water underground.

Travertines range in hardness from 4-5 on the ten-point MOHS scale (diamonds are 10; granites are ±7), making it perfect for most areas of the home. Care does need to be taken, however when choosing material for a high-traffic area or kitchen countertops which might be subject to etching substances. Like any stone, travertine should be sealed with a penetrating sealer to prevent stains from penetrating into the stone


granite gets very hot

We had purchased a gas fireplace and had granite put over it.  Can you put the granite right on the metal fireplace or do you have to have heat resistant material in between the granite and metal fireplace.  The granite gets very hot.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Tropical Brown granite

We have recently had Tropical Brown granite slabs installed as kitchen countertops.  They were originally quite shiny, but now are dull and show every fingerprint.  We have asked the installer about maintenance, and have been told to only use GranQuartz 113M spray cleaner.  We've asked about using a sealer (which I do not think is required), but he never provides a straight answer.
So, here are the questions:
1. Should a sealer be applied?
2. What types of cleaning products should be used on a daily basis?
Appreciative of any advise...JAY

removing hard water stains on granite

I have a relatively new granite countertop (Baltic Brown) and it has
hard water
stains on it around the faucet. I was afraid to use something like
LimeAway on the
granite in case it ruined the surface.

How can I get the hard water stains off??

Erica K.