Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Stripping/Refinishing a Sandstone Surround

I have a sandstone surround around my fireplace that was covered in about 70,000 layers of paint (a bit of an exaggeration). I wanted get a more natural look, so I started stripping the paint with a "less toxic", orange smelling gel remover, but I noticed that some speckles of paint are left behind in the porous stone.  I was wondering how to get these last remnants out.  Also, I was wondering if anyone could tell me what the finishing options are for sandstone.  I know that sandstone cannot be polished.  Thanks

How do I install Travertine?

QuestionI am about to install travertine in my kitchen and dining area. They are 18" X 18" tiles. Currently there is a sheet of 40 year old vinyl on the floor on top of 3/4 inch particle board underlayment, on top of 3/4 inch plywood flooring. If I use HardiBacker and screw it down is that sufficient or do I need to use glue (thinset) under the backer board too?

Secondly, I was told several different suggestions on grout lines. I have been told to butt them up against each other (these tiles are squared off), i've been told go wide 1/4", go thin 1/8, and one guy said to go 3/16" so that the line stays level with the top of the tile and looks seemless.

I was told to seal the tiles before grouting.

Anyone care to correct me on this info? Thanks
Billings, Montana

Limestone turning orange

Hi - I hope someone can help me...We just bought a brand new house about 4 months ago and already the limestone on our shower wall is turning orange. The limestone was sealed twice before the shower was ever used. This is only happening to the bottom row of tiles and not all of them. The others looks like they have water marks on them. Is this normal? Our developer told us that this is just how limestone wears in the shower when water hits it. If that were the case, wouldn't all the tiles be turning orange? Please advise. Thanks!

How do I remove water & coffee stains from marble

My whole kitchen is travertine & the island is the worst.  Our bathroom counters are the same marble! HELP!!  there are many water rings, drops, and a coffee cup ring.  How do I clean them & seal them?

bleach on granite

I have a bleach ring on absolute black granite, honed finish.
The bleach bottle was not there long, but left a ring that is dull and lighter in color than the countertop.
Any suggestions? I can't believe I did this!!
Thanks in advance!

Monday, June 29, 2009

Granite Enhancer

We selected Giallo Antico granite for our new kitchen in a new home. My husband personally selected the slabs. When installed they look nothing like he selected. What he picked was a brilliant looking brown with gold, black and gray specks, with a hint of peach. What we are looking at now is a dull brown with black and gray specks and splotches of peach, NO GOLD.
The company has said if they put a chemical enhancer on the granite it will bring out the brilliance and the gold.
Is this true and will it be permanent?
Thanks for your input


Looking for method to remove permanent black ink magic marker from granite tile

Verde fontaine care

We've just installed Verde fontaine countertops in our kitchen.  Beautiful!
I've done as much homework as I can online regarding the care and feeding of the material, but still have questions:
1- Is all granite sealed prior to or after installation, i.e. do I have to be concerned about sealing immediately?
2- I've noticed that some sealers are water-based and some "solvent" based.  Is one preferable to the other?
3- Stonetech says that their "Bulletproof" sealer is good for 3-5 years.  Is that realistic?
Thanks for any input.

Windex stain on Kashmir White

Some Windex leaked onto our Kashmir White countertop without us
noticing it. In spite of the impregnator it has gone into the
granite. You have to wonder why a cleaning product is colored blue.
What can I do now?


Sealing and Enhancing Color of Black Slate Hearth

Hello!  I am new to this forum.
I have a question regarding the sealing and color enhancing of a new Black Slate Hearth in my house.  I searched the forums, but didn't find and answer to my question.
I have a Black Slate Hearth I recently installed for my high-efficiency, wood-burning stove.  During installation we were very careful not to scratch the stone with the stove and we also tried to use natural edges where possible (the stone is cleft).  However, we did have to cut some edges and where we did the stone is gray in color.  I was told that I could use a sealer and it would turn that gray more black in color.  I have tried Tesco Crystal Seal on some test pieces and the sealer seems to be a great product, but when it dries the gray is back and small blemishes on the surface of the stone (also gray) remain.
Is there a sealer and/or color enhancer that I can use that will turn the grayish colors more black and keep it that way?  I want to have the hearth with a sort of "wet look," but not super shiny.  HELP!
Thanks in advance for any help.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

installing a cultured marble tub and surround

My husband and I just recently purchased a condo which has a fiberglass molded tub/shower and surround.  It gives when you stand in it.  Needless-to-say, we hate it!  We are considering removing the existing unit and replacing it with cultured marble.  Is this going to be a manageable job for two amateur do-it-yourselfers?  If so, where would you suggest we find the cultured marble tub and surround?  Any advice would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks.
Donna W.

cat urine on Granite

My old cat got in the kitchen and made a beeline to my new Harvest Gold granite counter top...now it smells and is darker in the urine area...any suggestions on removal of smell and stain..... many thanks in advance.

finding granite chips

I'm putting down a sandstone patio using sand for the base and granite chips in between the rock. I can't find anyone in the Pittsburgh area that sells granite chips.  Does anyone know of anybody in this area?

installing marble

When we built our home 12 years ago, we installed all the marble floors ourselves and they have proven the most durable. We have built a new room, and I would like to install 12" x 12" marbles tiles on two of the walls that are 10' high. What the requirements for the surface that the marble will be installed on?
Mark McClellan.

honing and sealing carrera tile

I just had the contractor from hell install Carrera marble tile in my
bathroom.  It's basic white with gray shades and veining - resembles
something called "statuario classico".

Some of it was honed, some polished, so he applied a chemical to hone the
polished pieces, but neglected to hone the ceiling tile in the tub/shower
area.  He also claims that he sealed all the tile, but I cannot tell if
that's true and cannot account for all his time.

The contractor has since abandonned the job.  I could still contact him, but
am unable to believe anything he says.

2 questions:

1) What chemical can I apply to hone the ceiling tile?

2) What sealant do you recommend for all the tile?

Much appreciated.

Greg Perciak.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

What can I mop it with besides a specialty product

What is the daily maintenance of a grouted and sealed travertine floor besides vacuuming?  What can I mop it with besides a specialty product?

We have travertine floor on our kitchen

We have travertine floor on our kitchen, I open the refrigerator door and a can of jalapenos chilies was open spelled on some of the tiles and can't get the mark off is almost like we spilled vinegar. What can we do to get the mark off the tiles is almost like it needs polish?
Please advice.
Mrs. Ernst.

Verde san francisco

    We have had kitchen and bath counters and large walk-in shower done in Verde San Francisco granite.  I would like some, any, information anyone has regarding how best to maintain this beautiful dark green stone.  It's been in since December 2005, and still looks new, but I need to know what the best way to care for it is.  Should it be sealed?  How often?  Our installer used a product he called "901".  Thanks in advance for any advice.

Suggeste me about travertine using ?

Thanks to this site, I have learned to stay away from limestone for my bathroom remodeling.  From what I've read, it seems like honed travertine will be fine in the bathroom.  I'm a little confused about whether or not I should seal it though.  If I don't seal it at all, doesn't the grout need to be sealed somehow?  If I do seal it, is there a sealer that will not impact the color & gloss? 
Also, are there any types/colors of travertine that are not suitable for bathroom use?
Thank you!

Suggesation about travetine

We had Turkish honed and filled travertine installed.  It was sealed after installation.  It has been about two months since the floor was sealed.  I am now noticing areas of darkness appearing around the filling, sometimes looking as though dirt has smudged across the tile.  Some tiles are also looking like they are drying out and becoming porous and looks like tiny little pin holes are opening up.  I have also noticed bigger holes opening up about, some as big as quarter inch.  Do you have any ideas what may be causing this? 

Friday, June 26, 2009

Help me for installation

I am having travertine installed on my bathroom stall walls and stall floor.  My general contractor installed Dura-Roc on the stall walls in preparation for the stone.  He has been paid for this and is out of the picture now.  The stone installer is now telling me that Dura-Roc is no good and it all must be torn out and replaced.  Because of a language barrier (which prevents he and I from discussing technical matters well), I am not clear with what he wants to replace the Dura Roc with. Everyone I speak to tells me that the Dura-Roc is fine and in fact good for this type of installation.  Help.  What is the real story here?  Thanks. (ps  the tile installer wants to start tearing out today).

Guid me about travertine

I just laid a Travertine floor in my kitchen (This was my first flooring experience) I have lipage in some places and I would like to know exactly how to make the surface level and then how to give it a polished look. I'm on a budget and I must do this myself. Can you help with advise?
Thank You
Wesley Aleshire
Jacksonville Florida

I have a Question

I would like to use Rainforest Green marble on my island top. The rest of the kitchen counter tops are already Dakota Mahogany, as is the island, but I found this marble and fell in love with the colors. Question : will the Rainforest withstand heat of pots and pans from the oven and stove top. I know the marble will show some wear from scratches and I'm willing to tolerate this, but I am used to using the island for a work surface for hot pots and pans. I would also like your opinion on mixing these two patterns in the same kitchen.
Thank you,

Opinion on a wider grout.

I had a tumbled bronze travertine marble backsplash - 6 x 6 tiles - installed last week.
I told the installer that I wanted the grout joints very thin and not obvious - and also offered him to use the unsanded grout the stone supplier sold me when I bought the stone.
He told me there needed to be some width of grout joint because the tiles have irregular edges (which, to me ,seemed no big issue). He came the next day and his installation consisted of using sanded grout! with grount lines maybe 3/8" -and noticable (although thank god the color is close to the stone). To me, this guy just did the job the way he wanted to  do it - and although the stone looks good installed, it is not what I wanted installation-wise. Is this a common practice for the contractor to just go by his own guidelines of what he thinks is right??
It really aggravates me when I see stone installations w/o a noticable grout line like I wanted. My wife tells me to forget about it but I can't bewleive he did it that way.
Your opinion on the this. Did I NEED a wider grout because of that type of irregular stone?? Please advise

I clean my marble table with the wrong detergent

Glade i Found this site.
 and now I can see all those spots all around it is not even shiny like the other tables. I don't know what to do.
If you have any idea please let me know. I'm driving myself crazy.
Thank you for your time.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Lemon Juice Test

I recently had a customer that installed Juparana Vyara granite.  We are in the process of customizing a sealer for the stone tops.  He is asking for a full refund on what was a very timely and custom kitchen installation with multiple levels, custom laminate profile and full height splash.  He is quoting your forum that no Juparana is a "true" granite.  Do you have a compilation list or any kind of cross-reference on what is and what is "not" true granite.

As you know it is very difficult to stay on top of what a material actually is and we want to assure our customers that they are getting a material with all available information.

All this having been said, the stone that the customer hand selected from a member of the Marble Institute of America was sold as "granite".  We did not see the material until it was received in our yard for fabrication.  Please take this into consideration before laying blame on a fabricator for doing his job.

Please respond.


Greaton Sellers.

Lemon Juice Test

I am a wholesaler if Granite and Marble based in Australia. I have just recieved a batch of Indian Jet Black when I put a cup with lemon juice on it on to the granite i noticed that there was a ring left which is lighter . I phoned the supplier and he assured me that no AGER was applied only a clear resin made by tennax. What can be done about this problem.

Installing marble?

We just installed marble in our living and family rooms.  The work was done by a professional  contractor.  When the work was done, I noticed that some marble tiles are higher or lower.  The contractor changed as many marbles as he could, but it appears that there are too many unleveled marbles.  Is there anything we could do?  Thank you.

Honed marble flooring

I am confused as to whether it is practical to put honed marble flooring in my large foyer, hallway and powder room.  Is this a big maintenance problem? What do I need to be concerned with?
Thank you,
Terri Goldstein.

treatment to avoid the marble staining

I have two marble wat.er fall and I want to know the best chemical treatment to avoid the marble staining and mineral deposits.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Chemical treatment to avoid the marble staining

I have two marble water fall and I want to know the best chemical treatment to avoid the marble staining and mineral deposits, thanks Miguel.

I used Lime-Away for the faucet and floor.

I was wondering if you could help me. I really screwed up! We moved into a home with a large shower, made of Tumbled Marble and brushed nickel faucet/knobs, and I believe I messed it all up, beyond repair.
While cleaning the shower, I stupidly used because it looked as though mold or mildew was present. I sprayed the faucet and floor and the phone rang. The rest, of course, is history. I returned approximately an hour later to see the faucet totally streaked, discolored and ruined. The Marble shower floor was pitted, stained with the mold/mildew worse than ever. I have used many different products that say they are safe for marble, etc. but to no avail. Can you help me at all? Could you recommend a solution for me and a process to follow, to try and fix this mess? I am so upset over this and just want to go back in time! I appreciate any and all assistance you could offer me....Sincerely,
Dorcie Storms.

Honed Marble vs Honed Limestone Kitchen Countertop

We are debating between a honed marble (calacatta crema) and a honed limestone (jerusalem limestone) for our kitchen countertops. We want to acheive an older spanish look but want something that will wear well and be low maintenance, are these good options or do you suggest another stone? 

honing and sealing carrera tile

I just had the contractor from hell install Carrera marble tile in my
bathroom.  It's basic white with gray shades and veining - resembles
something called "statuario classico".

Some of it was honed, some polished, so he applied a chemical to hone the
polished pieces, but neglected to hone the ceiling tile in the tub/shower
area.  He also claims that he sealed all the tile, but I cannot tell if
that's true and cannot account for all his time.

The contractor has since abandonned the job.  I could still contact him, but
am unable to believe anything he says.

2 questions:

1) What chemical can I apply to hone the ceiling tile?

2) What sealant do you recommend for all the tile?

Much appreciated.
Greg Perciak.

How do i remove water & coffee stains outof marble

My whole kitchen is travertine & the island is the worst.  Our bathroom counters are the same marble!  HELP!!  there are many water rings, drops, and a coffee cup ring.  How do I clean them & seal them?

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

How to choose a counter top for your kitchen.

I would like for you to send me your info on choosing a counter top for my kitchen as well as your cleaning tips for stone materials.  I have Corian now and am not happy with it as it is scratched and not very pretty.  I prefer granite (had Ubatuba in my last home) and am thinking about replacing the Corian with granite although my tumbled marble backsplash set on a diagonal may not fair well during the counter top removal and installation process.

Please send me the info you have so I can make a better choice.


Kris Wise.

How to seal over a sub-standard sealant

I have Durango Ancient tumbled marble in my shower and bathroom that was sealed over a year ago with a product found in the large Home Stores.  My shower needs a cleaning and I would like to then seal it with a better product (yours).  Is there a special procedure I need to do to take off the old sealer?  Would your advice change for White Thassos Marble (polished)?  Thank you.   Ciao! Ciao!
findstone2006-06-24 16:50:06

Grey stains on honed marble

Hi Maurizio,
We purchased a new home about 2 weeks ago.  Our masterbathroom has honed marble tile floors.  We put our weigh scale on the floor.  Over the weekend I moved the scale and noticed the legs on the scale has stained the floor.  What can I use to try to remove the stains.  Can I use Oxy Clean?

Annalyn Perez

how to clean man made marble

email me relevant information on how to clean man made marble that has water marks left by flower pots and what is a good wax or cleaner to revive the shine on this type of surface.  It is in a Church. 


grouting white thassos marble

We recently put down an alternating pattern of white thassos marble and "absolute black" granite in our foyer.  While attempting to grout with black grout we had some staining and void fill.  We immediately stopped the grouting process. We have successfully removed the marks from the marble with an intensive cleaner.  Before we begin to grout again can you offer any suggestions for filling the voids with a synthetic resin.  A trade name for the product would be most appreciated.

Monday, June 22, 2009


We just completed an entire bathroom in White Carrara marble. After a few weeks, I have noticed that the marble is turning yellow--almost brown in some parts.  I am panicking.  The marble was set with SpectrLock epoxy type grout.  The instructions noted that the marble should be sealed first and 45 minutes should elapse before grouting. 
However, my installer was impatient (and angry that I was making him use a more labor intensive grout) and started grouting right away, after sealing, not waiting for the sealer to dry and penetrate.
I have read the discussion that preceded about the cararra yellowing problem.  Is my marble yellowing because of the way my marble was installed?  I am waiting for the installer to blame me because I picked the grout.
Anyway,  is there anyway to correct this?   This was an expensive job. 
Thanks for your assistance.

harsh cleaner used on marble floor

While preparing for a party, my cleaning help decided that the grout in my master bath was in need of deep cleaning.  I was not home at the time, and they used a product called "Kaboom" on the tile around my dressing table. Needless to say, everywhere they touched with the cleaner now has a very dull finish.  You can even see where the overspray touched surrounding tile. I have the same marble in my foyer and powder room, and it still looks brand new.

Grout Haze Question

I am a customer of your MB products (MB-1 and MB-5) and am very happy with them for my porcelain tile floor and granite countertop.
I am redoing a bathroom using porcelain tile (Meridiana tile) with a border accent of tumbled marble.  The installer is grouting today with unsanded grout and Super-Tek acrylic grout additive.  He told me to use a 50/50 solution of water and vinegar tomorrow to remove the grout haze.  I am afraid to use the vinegar solution because of the tumbled marble.  I am afraid of etching.
Could you please advise me what I should do tomorrow to remove the grout haze.
findstone2006-06-24 14:11:06

I have a beautiful marblefloor & marble walltiles.

I have a beautiful marblefloor and marble walltiles in my shower
and i made a worst cleaning!
On the showerwall i sprayed
and on the floor vinegar!!!!
What can I do????????>|
and thank you,

help needed for using CLR on marble by mistake

I have a glass shower with marble edge (new shower). By mistake, I used CLR to clean it last week. Now, I can see some white spots on the marble. Could I have your advice about how to remove those spots?                                              Thank you.                                                                                 Christine W.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

help remove glue from shower

I can't find the answer anywhere! When my cultured marble shower was installed, they never fully removed the glue off the floor. What can I use to safely remove it? It's kind of a brown color.

HELP us w/Marble in Kitchen/Dining Room

   My husband & I are looking into installing a black/white marble floor in our kitchen/dining areas. Color is called "Imperador Lite".
   We just finished installing black granite onto our master bathroom floor & we love it!
   We both love and appreciate genuine stone & I don't mind taking care of it properly.
   We would like some information with regards to it's "impact durability" & overall maintenance.  We are planning to install the marble over 3/4" plywood subfloor w/1/4" Durorock cement board.  We would like to use a "mastic/epoxy" adhesive & unsanded grout.
   Your site is informative and very interesting to read...thanks in advance for your time & help.
Patrick and Darlene Cornell

I have a problem with the Marble in my shower.

I have a problem with the Marble in my shower. My husband wanted to get the soap scum off from the previous owner's and decided to use CLR! Well, to make a long story short, the CLR took the gloss shine off and now we are trying to find out what to do to restore it. Is there something we can do ourselves or should we call a professional??
Laura W Johnson.

Help with bathroom marble care

I desperately need your help.  My wife and I installed a marble agglomeratein both of our bathroom floors.  However, we had no idea that marble was sensitive to acid.  (Lowe's really doesn't bother telling you this!) Two problems - my daughter got sick in the one bathroom and now half of the tile is dull from her stomach acid.  #2 how do you clean a toilet with a non-acidic cleaner.  Overspray has resulted in dull spots on our floors.What if anything can be done to restore (and them protect) the lusturous finish?
Mark Faix.

Any advice on how to best care for it?

I'm having a problem. I want a natural stone for my kitchen counter. I'm not crazy about granite, but have found a marble, Emperador Light, that I love.                  I understand the risks of marble in the kitchen - this is a small NYC kitchen though that won't see too much cooking and will only be used by a couple.     Any specific additional risks of using this type of marble.  Any advice on how to best care for it?                                                                                              Thanks,

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Is there any product that can fade the etching.

We spilled Lime-A-Way on our marble shower lintel; and etched it.  Removal or professional refinishing are not options...is there any product that can at least fade the etching somewhat, if not totally?  Thank you!

Help! I need advise on stones

I need comparison between marble, granite, limestone and concrete.  What rock is best for a monument? ( I mean for all weather conditions)
Thank you,

Further honing of marble countertops?

Hello Maurizio. I have "honed" black St. Laurant marble kitchen countertops in a kitchen that has a vintage look.  I now understand from much research on your site the problems with this choice.  For now, however, I must deal with them, and in most ways they are beautiful.  I am comfortable with the scratching and staining that will result.  However, I selected the honed version because of my concern about etching and my desire to minimize its appearance, as well as a desire to have a non-shiny look.  My countertops, however, only a few months old, do not look fully honed.  Although they are clearly not highly polished, they do have quite a bit of sheen to them and almost look reflective in the right light.  I read in one of your replies that factory/fabrication shop honing is only about 50%.  I did not know enough about this issue at the time that the tops were installed to raise a concern; I had been assured that they would be fully honed and naively assumed that's what I was getting.  Now I am, of course, getting etch marks that create dull spots in the midst of my "honed" finish.  I would really like for the countertops to be fully honed, to help camouflage the etching problem.  What is your recommendation for further honing at this point?  I've tried to study your messages.  I know a stone restorer is the best choice.  However, I also read in one of your messages that marble can be acid-honed using either a phosphoric or muriatic acid.  Then, I read that both the mechanical honing and the phosphoric honing give the marble a gray look, leading to the need for your color-enhancer, but that the muriatic acid honing doesn't change the color.  However, with the muriatic acid honing I would see lighter spots on the marble after further spills of lemon juice, cola, etc.  I don't mind losing color initially with the phosphoric acid if it will come back out with the color enhancer, but I'm a little concerned about the lighter spots potentially resulting from future spills after a muriatic acid wash.  For acid-washing you seemed to recommend the muriatic route, however.  I want to make sure I'm interpreting your messages correctly.  Is it possible to use acid-washing for further honing, and if so, which is better - the phosphoric or muriatic acid washing?  I really appreciate your guidance; the research I've done through your messages has been very informative.  
Thank you. 

I have a few problems:

I have a few problems re granite:
Our granite Cesar White black/grey/white mix is all over our house (supposedly supplied from the US, but I now suspect it came from China ...has in the bathrooms encountered problems:
  1. Some slabs have darkened and despite being kept dry have never returned to their original colour. The supplier says installation was poor...the screed was not dry in some areas when the stone was laid. Is this correct.
  2. Some slabs have rust looking stains appearing. (why...the supplier says that it is caused by iron in the granite...is this common or only in lesser quality?
The supplier has acknowledged that the installation may have been faulty and that their may be a problem with the granite and has suggested replacing everything. They have suggested replacing all the floor granite with either
  1. Black granite (which I do not want as I believe it will show every mark, water smear etc...they insist this is not the case...also don't really want a very black bathroom) What are your comments.
  2. Quarella Bianco for the bathroom floors which is a marble composite and has already shown signs of staining where it is placed on a shelving area in the bathroom. Its fine on the walls.
The company who installed all the bathroom materials have acknowledged to a number of owners in our development that they will change the granite. I would also like to recommend a supplier of reputable standing. I would appreciate your advise
Lynn Hesketh.


We had an exterior water feature installed a couple of years ago.  The surface of the fountain is usually underwater when the pumps are running.  It has an infinity edge and when the system shuts down, the vertical surfaces dry.  We use a bromide to control the algae but we have noticed that there is a discoloration in the polished marble slabs, looks like some type of scaling.  We have tried brushes but have been skeptical to apply a scale remover.  Is there a product that can be used safely that will not damage the finish of the stones?  There is no way of keeping the chemical from entering the mechanical system of the fountain as well, which uses stainless steel, bronze and copper.  Thanks for any insight. Darren Hutchison.



Friday, June 19, 2009

Tips of about maintain travertine

We just had a travertine floor installed in our entire downstairs living
area, our installer did not recommend to have a high gloss, because it is
easily scrached and hard to maintain, we have three kids and a dog. We had
it sealed and buffed, but it is not really shinny. Why is high gloss so
Can you give me any tips on keeping it in great condition, and maybe getting
alittle more shine.

Thanks, Mary

Suggest of which one is proper travertine to fix?

My wife and I have found a beautiful Travertine which I would like to install in my bathroom on the floor as well as a shower surround above the tub.  The travertine is sold as a French pattern set 24x16, 16x16, 16x8, 8x8, and the sides are chiseled.  I noticed in the store that the each tile is cut exactly to the dimensions that I mentioned above, therefore when I incorporate a grout space the tiles will not line up properly.  Is it OK to but-join them (as this is the only way that the pattern fits properly) and grout the V valley that is left by the chiseled edges? will the grout hold?  If so what kind of grout should be used?  Keep in mind that this will also be installed on the shower walls.  Do some suppliers sell these pattern sets cut for certain grout spacings?

strip sealer polish

 Id like to strip the sealer polish on my granite counter tops.,  stain them a different color( from tan to dark bluish black color). can this be done? what do I use to strip sealer. the problem is, the busy design on the existing tan color granite  is making my eye sight go bad. I need something not so busy on the eye. thanks!

ager on absalut

I want to know is it an iacceptable industry standard to apply ager when processing Indian (chamrajnagaer) absalut black ?
Could this lead to fading problems over a time period after fitting as kitchen worktops, due to sunlight through a window?

Granite and Marble Cladding Specification

I am a landscape architect designing the plans and writing the specifications for the renovation of a 1960's era Courthouse.  We are proposing to construct an ADA accessible handicap ramp to allow for ease of access for physically disabled persons to the Courthouse.  In the process we will be specifying demolition of some granite to allow for the improvements, plus installation and patching of existing granite and marble with new granite and marble.  The existing granite appears to be Cambrian Black and the existing marble Cherokee.  I am looking for a good sample specification to use in the contract documents for the granite and marble.  All the granite and marble cladding to be installed is clearly a cosmetic veneer, no structural stone is included in the proposed renovations.  Do you have a specification or specifications that would fit our need, or know of a source for such items?  Any help or guidance you can provide would be greatly appreciated!
Thank you,

Thursday, June 18, 2009

how to make shiny & conformity

I have a new house with a large amount of travertine floor.  It is ugly and blotchy and sticky looking.  I don't know if it is honed or polished, but what I want is a nice shiny conformity.  Is this possible?

Need help for installation of travetine

HELP!  I am located in Sonoma County, CA.  Are you folks nearby or do you know someone you could recommend to help "level" the uneven installation of my travertine?
Thank you,

Granite black galaxy tiles query

Hi there,

I'm from the UK and think your website is great and a wealth of information!  :-)

I wonder if you can help me?

I am just about to lay some 'black galaxy' granite tiles on my bathroom floor.

The guy I bought the tiles from had used them for his bathroom and he had kept the leftover tiles in the original shipping crate in his garden.

The tiles have unchamfered edges but I am going to use a black grout to address the problem of uneven edges.

The tiles are great but are quite dull. Am I correct in thinking that I should just clean the tiles with a weak mixture of dish washing liquid with warm water?

Will this revive their shine alone or will I need an additional commercial cleaner?

Also, having read your forum Q&As, I believe that I definitely should not apply a sealant to the tiles!

Many thanks,


Steps of vineger etchers fix travertine tabletop?

What can I do to fix vinegar etches on my travertine tabletop?
Cheryl Stana

About travertine bathroom floor ?

Can you please send information on all your granite counter cleaning and maintance products, as well as travertine bathroom floor and shower?

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

How to remove water mark from travertine?

Can you please tell me how to maintain travertine flooring.  I have also noticed that if a drop of water is not wiped up immediately it leaves a permanent mark.  Is there a product you recommend to remove these?  My kitchen and all of my bathrooms in the home I just moved into are travertine.  They were sealed before moving in, but water still leaves a mark.  Any advice on routine maintenance and removal of these "spots" would be appreciated.   I am convinced travertine is not a good product in a kitchen! 

Thanks for your help.

Granite Selection

Hello Daniel,

We have chosen Solarius for our kitchen counters, full backsplash and overhanging bar top.  The price is in the $15,000.00 range.

I was searching for daily maintenance tips when I discovered this web site.  I made my selection based on the beauty of the stone alone!  I was ignorant of the characteristics from stone to stone.  We have also chosen Crema Bourdeaux, which is another contract for the bathroom vanities, and tub platform. 

In your opinion, are these good choices?  Thank you for your time and expertise.

Diane Wise.

What should I do about my travertine?

Hey, folks!
Bet you haven't come across this one before.  I just bought a condominium in Dallas.  The bathroom counters, floors, and shower walls are travertine.  Rough/dull finish, not polished. 
My concern is that I dye my hair at home.  The strong dye does not stain the polished tile in my old bathroom, but it does leave a permanent mark in painted surfaces such as doors.  The diluted dye (as I rinse in the shower) stains towels just enough that I use bleach in the wash, so I don't think the travertine is in danger.
What is your recommendation about sealing the travertine?  The condominium is only three years old, but I have no idea about previous maintenance.  My first thought is to seal again, but how?
I was very excited to find your site.  Here's a funny story, based on the comment that the Coliseum in Rome is made of limestone and it's still standing. 
My friend ran a museum of natural history.  He showed me a large, flat stone with real dinosaur footprints in it.  One night, his fancy guests were partying and listening to requests for donations while setting their drinks on this "table".  He ran to protect an irreplaceable treasure, then realized it had sat out in the rain for eons.  Just don't pour Coca-Cola on it, right? 
What should I do about my travertine, guys?

Which one best for cleaning travertine bathroom?

I recently purchased a home with travertine flooring in the bathroom floors and walls.  Could you please tell me what I use to clean the flooring and walls without hurting the tiles?  Is ammonia and water ok or not?

How often do you recommend Buffing?

First off I just want to say thanks for supplying all the information on
your website, it has been a great help.
I manage a night time cleaning crew that has just received the task of
cleaning a new addition to our current car dealership that is
compromised of marble and granite.  Even the bathrooms have granite
flooring and countertops.  The stone is polished and not sealed. After
speaking to the people that installed it, they said that for daily
maintenence, someone should be on hand at all times with Swiffer mop
(ones with disposable heads). But after reading the information on the
box of the swiffer heads I am not so sure that is a good idea.
I took your advice and purchased a 24" dust mop with interchangeable
heads and it did good in picking up the dust after installation.  Would
you recommend adding any spray to the mop head for a better shine or to get rid of dirt, the installers were using a dust spray but I noticed a
bit of streaking.  Also, if I am going to have someone at the dealership
full time to clean up incoming dirt, what should they do in case of
stains.  On your website you mention blotting the stain (with a wet
rag?), but if coffee or soda spills what exact clean up procedure do you
recommend for removing the stain on the polished, unsealed stone?
Since it is a high-traffic area I will be dry dust mopping during the
day and once at night, how often would you recommend wet-mopping, and with what type of cleaning solution to leave a streak-free shiny floor?  How often do you recommend Buffing and what products do you think are
the best?  I know this is a lot but I have been entrusted with keeping
this floor dirt-free and shiny and it is a big headache as of now, I
could really use your help!
findstone2006-06-21 15:20:13

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

To seal or not to seal?

I am looking for information on care and maintenance of travertine floors, includind sealing information.  Would this be in your article "to seal or not to seal"?  Is there another article that applies?
Also, I have Bianco Catalina floors and counters in my daughter's bathroom.  Would your "to seal or not to seal" address this area as well, or do I need to get "preservation of residential stone floors" as well.
I have purchased products from you in the past, and will continue to do so in the future.  I
thought I read that article(s) were free for customers, is this correct?
Thank you.
Kalyn Baer

best way to remove this stain from travertine?

I have a red wine stain on the top of my coffee table which is travertine stone.   Do you have suggestions on the best way to remove this stain?
Thanks very much.

Granite/Marble floors.

We are considering putting either Granite or Marble floors in our entryway,
which will connect to the dining room, then the kitchen, and through to the
sliding door in the back.  We live in Washington state where it rains a
good deal.  We would like not to have to be so crazy about making everyone who steps foot in the door, take their shoes off.  What we are worried about is the durability, care, etc. of the various products.  We have a full basement, so the flooring would be on the Ground level above the
basement.  We are worried about the flexing of the floor causing cracks in
the granite or the marble.  Does the thickness determine whether or not
cracks will develop?  Should we pour the self leveling cement under the
granite or marble?  Would that make it stronger?  What we don't want, is to spend a lot of money, just to have to replace it because it develops
cracks.  My husband will not live with cracks at all.  We want the floor to
be solid slabs.  We know there will be joints, because we have a fairly
large area, but we do not want to worry about cracks developing.  Also, we want to put the same or something that coordinates with the floors, on the countertops in the kitchen.  We are putting in professional appliances by Wolfe or Viking and I do a lot of cooking.  We do not want to have to worry about the floor, nor the countertop, staining or cracking if a pan is
accidentally dropped or set on it.  We want this space to be user friendly.
I spend probably a good half of the time I am home in the kitchen, either
cooking or cleaning.  I need something that is not going to add to my
workload, but will be beautiful as well.  Am I asking the impossible??????

Thank you,
Kathleen Ruiz.                               

Would appreciate any advice you can offer

We had a contractor place a travertine floor (18" by 18" tiles).  It didn't appear to have been properly floated and there was a great deal of lippage to consider upon completion.  He spent several days grinding the edges of the individual tiles until the pores in the tiles became noticeably open and in some places gouged. At this point the floor doesn't appear level, but he's assured us that after honing it will be perfectly level and we won't have any problems with the floor.  Does this seem reasonable?

He also placed granite counter tops from slabs he selected on our behalf.  We're aware that an entire granite counter differs from the much smaller sample, but the counters have what I believe are called "color patches" which are rather unsightly and close together, and which didn't appear in the sample.  Are these typical and can anything be done to make them less obvious?  The granite also feels rough in spots and has some gouges and pits.  We paid a significant amount of money for both the tile and granite, so would appreciate your opinion and any advice you might offer. 

i only applied one coat of sealer .

I just installed tumbled marble backsplash with stainless accents... problem is i grouted, cleaned and grouted without the haze cleaner.... then wiped again and sealed now the marble looks hazy, i only applied one coat of sealer is it too late for hazer what can i do.
It was so beautiful before i started to seal....

Monday, June 15, 2009

Green Marble sealer.

Can you please us the best type of sealer to use on Ming Green marble (12" x 12") on the walls of a shower and bathroom?
M Schiller.

etched marble

I spilled pickle juice on our newly laid marble kitchen floor and floor is now etched from the juice.  What do we use to repair this area of the floor?

How to take care of travertine?

I really enjoyed your article.  We are having travertine installed in our bathroom shower and counter tops and I was really in the dark as how to take care of it.  Where can I purchase the MB-1 to use in the shower?  Also, I have had installed porcelane floors in the sunroom, kitchen and guest bathroom.  Do I also need to use a sealer on it as well? 

findstone2006-06-21 13:16:25

Could you plese tell me Best quality of Travertine

Could you please tell me the best product to use to mop non-polished
travertine flooring?

Thank you,

which granite will need the least maintenance

I am so glad that I found a forum where I can go to gain some knowledge on granite countertops before I actually purchase them.   I've narrowed my granite selection to Giallo Veneziano and Venecian Gold.  My question to you is, which one will need the least amount of maintenance in terms of
staining and sealing?

I really appreciate any help you can give me with this.

Thank you!


Sunday, June 14, 2009

Is the problem due to improper installation?

I recently bought a new house. A travertine floor was installed in the master bathroom. The floor is now one year old.

On occasion the travertine tiles will creek when I walk across the floor. From day-to-day, the severity of this problem changes. On some days, the tiles will creek on almost every other step. On other days, the tiles will seldom creek. I've observed some cracking of the grout.

This floor is still under warrantee and I have spoken to my contractor. He is down playing the issue.

My questions are as follows:

Do I have a problem?

If I have a problem, is the problem due to improper installation?

If I have a problem, what are the potential causes?

Dave Mendrek

We just want the smooth shine back of our marble?

My husband cleaned a piece of marble (with a camphor root growing through it) with electrode prep pads that are alcohol with a small amount of pumice.  It has little circles in the sheen now (as opposed to the couple grinding circles left from the original preparation).  It was never perfect, and we just want the smooth shine back, not all the flaws removed.  Would raw leather work on this? 


I don't have much experience with buying marble.

I hope you can help me since. We purchased two wood and marble vanities for our bathroom. Just yesterday they were installed and to my shock when I went to clean dust, etc off I found hairline cracks on both of them.  They seem to run along the vein of the marble. I don't know the name of the color but it seems to be a light to chocolate brown. 

What can be done to fix the problem.  Also, what is the best way to clean and maintain marble.

Thank you,


dyed marble

Dear Expert Panelists,
I'm looking to find any information I can regarding dyed marble (ie
what sort of dyes are typically used (vegetable etc); what is the
expected longevity of the dye and under what circumstances (ie indoor
vs. outdoor applications; public displays where the marble will be
touched by thousands of oily and perhaps grimy hands); what sort of
materials should be used when setting dyed marble, and anything else
you can think of relative to dyed marble. I'm having an incredibly hard
time locating any information.

Thank you,
Kristy Sonora.

Dull spots on marble vanity.


I have a question about our bathroom marble vanity (crema marfil).  We
had it installed about 1 year ago.  I soon noticed one or two dull
circles around the sink.  Gradually, more and more dull round spots have
appeared. The largest dull spot is about the size of a quarter, the
smallest spot perhaps a 1/4 inch across. It clearly seems like drops of
something (water?) is causing this, but I have no idea what the culprit
is.  Do you know what types of liquids could be causing this?  And how
do we restore the shine?

By the way, your website is a great resource.


Daniel Young.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Dos and Don'ts?

Hi Maurizio,

I found your site with the Q&A's and find your answers to be very honest and straightforward. I was not able to find the Dos and Don'ts that are referred to in many of your answers. Would you please send me a link or an attachment?

Thank you. I'm especially interested in learning about marble and granite care and maintenance as I'm going have granite installed in the kitchen and bath and possibly marble in the master bath. 

Thanks again,


De-shining Carrara marble tiles?


I am in Canberra Australia and while browsing the web came across your name and email address. I am looking for the best way of de-shining an area of Carrara Marble tiles installed in a bathroom - I prefer the 'honed' finish. I am fairly handy and finances dictate that I have to do it myself - besides we don't seem to have many if any professional floor refinishers in Canberra. Please forgive the imposition but could you advise me what is the best way to do this.  Possible methods I have heard of are:

1.         Using muriatic acid or 'acid' wash - a tentative try shows that you can be left with lines where the acid etches unevenly and the acid does not seem to etch some darker veins in the marble.

2.         I have heard of a honing powder which may be designed to highly polish marble - I am not sure.

3.         The most convincing advice I have heard is to sand it with wet and dry paper (starting with 100 grit down to about 400) but I don't know how labourious this will be as I have about 18 sq mtrs of mostly wall tiles to do.

Any information you could give me would be greatly appreciated - also an open invitation to visit if you are ever in Australia.

Best regards,

Garry Walbrook.

Deep cleaning Jerusalem stone?

I'd like some advice on using an power brush to clean our Jerusalem stone floor.  I've been using the product recommended by the installer (MarbleKare products).  I get good results on heavy stains when I apply  this product and then scrub the area with a plastic bristle brush.  However, this is very labor intensive on large areas.  Will I damage my floor if I use a power floor scrubber or power brush?  If not, what kind of pads should I be using with the power brush?


Janice Rustin.

Is there any way to offer them an academic study?

Dear Sir,
I have been asked to offer full study about a fixed marble floor in a commercial center.
the gusts of it is round 100,000 visitors daily.
they want to know how can i prove that this floor will be suitable and in good condition for the next 10 years.
and how i will not affect the thickness of marble while the daily maintenance and the daily polishing.
i told them that i will only use polishing material which will never affect the thickness of marble.
is there any way to offer them an academic study and convinced proves that there is material not affect the thickness of marble and in same time give it the acceptable glossy without any scraches appear in the surface.?
and can u advice me : how can i messure the thickness of fixled marble floor ?
Best Regards,
Ibrahim Abdallah.

Dark Emperador Marble

As with many other customers, I get much conflicting information regarding stone, granite and marble applications.  Your web site seems to offer very informative responses that are based on fact.  I have just begun my research for a master bath remodel and would like to use a marble or granite counter top.  I understand that granite may normally be recommended for counter tops due to durability and maitenance, however, we like the looks of the Dark Emperador marble.  The shower and floors will have an ivory and noche color travertine and the marble seems to match up better than any granite we have seen so far.  Can you provide any feedback on the Dark Emperador marble with regards to using it for the bathroom and any ongoing maitenance.  I understand we need to use specialized cleaners but is there anything else that we should be aware of? 

The alternate is Taupe "granite".  Do either of these need sealers?  I assume the "lemon test" should only be used on granite and not marble due to the acidity. 

Thank you,


Friday, June 12, 2009

Silver Galaxy Granite

Anyone heard of Silver Galaxy granite.  It's from India.  I'm wondering about it's characteristics, durability, porousness, etc.
Thanks for any input you can provide.

Cultured Marble tub and surroundings.

I have a cultured marble corner tub with cultured marble surrounding ledge.  There is a glass block window overlooking the area.  The tub and surrounding area is turning yellow.  How do I correct  the problem?

Cypress marble or quartzite

Hello--I'm enjoying your site.  We just located a new material that is either marble or quartzite.  Its name is Cypress--it is a beautiful olive green color with slashes of  cream color running through it, and some gray streaks. 
Cypress is very much like Elegance Green (from Iran), a quartzite we were planning to use for our kitchen, except Elegance Green has more yellow and black.  Elegance Green is impossible to get right now. 
Any information you could give would help.  We really want to use Cypress in our kitchen.
Pam of California

Crema Europa Honed.

Hello I am a stone merchant in Melbourne and an architect is interested in using the Crema Europa Honed limestone/marble in the format of 750x350x30mm as exterior wall cladding for a commercial building.
It will be mechanically fixed and heavily glued by a stonemason.  Can this stone handle Melbourne climate, the building is in a semi hectic street, do you know of this product being used before in this type of installment. Is there any data you can provide me with.  I dont not want any problems and I really need to cover myself.
What advise can you give me?
With thanks and regards,

Cracked Marble Coffee Table

I have a leaf shaped marble coffee table, bought second hand. I noticed a slight ridge in the top surface a day or two ago but did not realize it for what it was. Today the table top cracked right through along this ridge. I assume this can be repaired but will the repair be strong enough to support the table? The top is supported by two legs (about 0.9m apart) - the break is where the table top sits on one of the legs.

There are other such "ridges" in the top- should I have anything done about these? And if so, what?

Many thanks.

Callum, Australia.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

crack in marble vanity top

We put in a white marble vanity top in our bathroom. I believe that the person that installed the undermount sink must have applied too much pressure and a crack appeared in the front of the bowl. You can see it in the attached picture, running from the front of the bowl to the front edge of the marble top. My question is: can this be repaired in a way that it would not be too visible? I really don't want to replace the top as it would also involve removing wall tiles, etc. Are there any technicians you know of in the Philadelphia, PA area that could do such a repair? What is your suggestion?

Thank you.


Cleaning/Sealing Granite

Good Morning
We just installed Light Emperador Marble/Granite in our bathroom and Emerald Pearl Granite in our kitchen.
1)       Do they need to be sealed?
2)       Does the sealer need to be an impregnator? If so, please recommend a brand of sealer for both
3)       How often should they be sealed
4)       What can I use to clean these countertops with?

Michell C. Delmonte-Synnott.

Crack after new installation on VOLAKAS MARBLE.

We have installed a month ago, Volakas 12 x 12 in a bathroom; walls and floor total size of bathroom L6xW10xH8
Now we have observed two or three tiles on the shower walls with a hair line crack. There is no vain behaind it. I
s this normal on this marble after installation? 
Please I would like to receive your urgent response?
Thanks in advance!

Cleaninging Marble baths etc

Hi Maurizio
 I run a small house cleaning  company and recently discoverd that i can not use "Soapscumremover" products on marble because they discolor and remove the shine of marble.
What is a safe and effective method/product for cleaning most types of marble with out fear of any damage.
What things are absolute no nos for cleaning marble?
Are there any "homemade" methods for marble care and cleaning?
Will amonia/windex cut with water damage marble? Sean Parde.

Cleaning stones?

I have been browsing through the message boards on this website on and off since last night and I still have a couple questions regarding general care of the stone in my "new" apartment.  Of course I haven't read ALL the messages, so please forgive me if I'm repeating issues. 
Two very hectic weeks ago I moved into a new apartment with a LOT of stone surfacing (at least it's a lot for the size of the apartment).  Of course I am NO expert in stone, but here is what I have.  The bathroom floor and walls (including walls in the shower) are what I believe to be marble (dark green/black on floor, green/white/what appears to be a peachy/tan on the walls).  The kitchen is floored in polished granite with a matching backsplash.  All surfaces still have a nice shine on them (the bathroom less so than the kitchen-could that be properties of the stone itself?) and appear in very good condition.  Being in Germany, I have no reason to believe that the materials used are not natural. 
Now, I have had an (albeit ameteur) understanding of the delicacy of  marble with acids/chemicals, since I was 10, so I have NOT used any type of chemical or home remedy on any of my surfaces.  I have been using a squeegee on the shower every day since I moved in so the tiles, for now, are still clean.  The fixtures, however are showing water spots that I will be wanting to clean off soon, and eventually I will need to clean the tiles themselves.  My biggest question is (and forgive me if I'm about to offend anyone's sensibilities):  What is the safest, least expensive and yet easy to come by method of cleaning the water spots off my fixtures/floor pan, and eventually the soap scum from the walls, without harming the finish of the stone and incurring damages when I move out.  The grout used is also a neutral gray color, if that will make a difference.  (Please understand that I am on a single-income military budget AND living overseas where my options are limited by selection at my commissary, stuff that will ship APO, and an economy where I barely understand the language.)  I fully appreciate the look (the fact that I'm not THAT fond of green is neither here nor there) and am willing to put in some elbow grease to keep the surfaces looking nice-for the stone's sake, not just to avoid damage charges.
Also, there are some minor cracks in the grout near where the shower head is mounted, what is the urgency in getting that fixed? 
As for the granite in my kitchen, I know even less about its weaknesses than I do those of marble.  What kind of things do I need to be cautious of with granite?  And what will be the best way to clean the greasy residue from around the stove? 
Any help you can give me would be great. 
Melissa, USA in Deutschland  28Feb

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

cleaning marble/limestone

My aunt's headstone from the 1930s is made of white marble. The cemetery gardener spilled motor oil onto the headstone which has stained it.  I want to clean it without damaging the headstone. Do you have any ideas?
Kim Tanksley.

Cleaning Product Haze?

I have a prefab black granite bathroom counter top (Romala Stone Inc., Speckled Black).  In the 7 years since I installed it, I have only used Tile Lab Marble and Stone cleaner.  Every 6 months or so, I've "polished" it with Tile Lab Stone Gloss.  However, I've noticed in the past few years that it just won't keep that wet look it had when it was new.  Is it possible the products have left a haze on my stone?  If so, is there a way to bring back the wet look?

Victoria Cervantes.

cleaning marble?

It just installed marble (so nothing has gone wrong yet :-) )  I am
wondering what products I can use to maintain it and clean it.
It is a combination of Durango honed and Calcutta Gold marble.  There is
as glass door surround.  The installer sealed the stone....then
grouted.  Should the grout be sealed to keep it from mildew?
If I get mildew, soap scum or hard water stains at some future
date...what can I used to remove them without hurting the tile?  I
understand not to use anything acidic.
It's a beautiful shower...but with all the cautions...I'm now afraid to
even use it!

Toni Lockhart.

Cleaner for tumbled marble

I have a tumbled marble floor and shower and want to know if I must use special cleaners on the marble.    

Rose Mary Dinnhaupt.

choosing the right counter ?

I am about to remodel our kitchen and am in the process of choosing what will be best for me. My big problem is that I am chemically sensitive. I am tired of tile because you have to use bleach for the grout which is very toxic for me and the environment. I thought stone would be a good choice only to learn that it must be sealed. With what ? Another chemical? Could marble or lime stone work with being sealed with pure beeswax? Is it true that there are mold or bacteria problems with these sonte surfaces? I really love the natural feel and look of stone products versus corian etc. . Is there any way for me to have a marble or stone counter without the usse of chemicals for upkeep?
Thank you,

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

chemical stain on my new marble floor?

I just had carrera marble installed in my bath. We had not sealed it yet. The plumber spilled the primer for gluing the pipes and apparently it soaked through the marble and ran underneath staining 10 tiles! I

I had the floor ripped out and replaced hopefully at the plumber's expense, but have a feeling that we'll never see him again. l

Danielle Braun.

What do you think using carrerra marble in kitchen

so what do you think of using carrerra marble in a kitchen?

How should we avoid more stains from marble?

We have recently moved into a new home in Los Angeles where the bathrooms were remodeled using Carrera marble. In one particular area of the master bath, under the vanity area, there appears to be a stain or marking that is becoming more noticeable in the last month or so. Are stains on Carrera marble removable and if so, how should we proceed for future upkeep to avoid more stains? The stone has a high gloss finish to it.

Carrera marble kitchen counters sealers

Hi.  I live in Mexico. The house I bought four years ago has what I
have been told are Carrera marble countertops.  Because it's impossible
to live in Mexico without using limes and to give parties without
margaritas being spilled on the counter, in the past 4 years the top
has become covered in white rings and globs.  I recently paid a marble
worker to completely sand the countertop.  He then applied a thick
acrylic clear substance called "Sellacril--Perdera Sallador Acrilico" 
Obviously, a Mexican product.  The end result was distastrous.  The
coating is clear but also streaky and uneven.  I was told that now the
counter was impermeable to lime or lemons, but the first time I used
them they somehow ate through the acrylic and--etched into the marble
Is there anything I could do do make them impermeable?  Or,
alternately, do you have any advice about applying the acrylic so it
isn't so streaky?  Can it be thinned and brushed on using many coats? 
They only did one.  Spraying isn't an option as we can't take the
counters off.
Do you have any products to coat it with that would be better?
In case you are thinking about suggesting that I become a neater cook
and that guests refrain from spilling margaritas, I have to say that
this is not an option.....

Thanks very much.  Judy

carrara marble

Hi Maurizio!

I'm currently in the process of designing a 1920's style Italianate/
Mediterranean revival style house. I'd love to put carrera marble in 
the kitchen but have heard so many things about staining, scratching, 
etc. What's the bottom line on using this beautiful surface in the 
kitchen and bathroom? Aren't there special sealers that would protect 
the marble while keeping it's natural beauty intact? I'd be committed 
to a regular maintenance schedule for them, but might rethink it if I 
have to be constantly wiping up and cleaning within 30 seconds of 
every spill.

Thanks, Madeleine

Monday, June 8, 2009

Care Products.

I have marble floors and I was told that pinnacle stone care technology Mable Polish Paste was good.  What are the Pros and Cons of this product?  I want to know everything I can about the product before I buy it to use on my floors.  Where can I get the MSDS?

Carrara Marble.

I've always heard that Carrara marble is the best countertop for baking.  Why is this marble better than other marbles or surfaces?

Does Carrara marble need to be sealed?


I would like to use Carrara marble in my kitchen. Does it need to be sealed? Is this a toxic solution that needs to be used? Also I Know that Carrara marble has a grey vein and is whiteish to grayish...  I would like to find A slab on the whiter side of grey... is there a variation I should look for? Do I understand correctly that the true Carrara marble is from Carrara Italy and nowhere else?
Thank you
findstone2006-06-19 15:05:54

carrara marble

Hi there,
A client of mine chose Carrara Marble for his bathroom countertop, and now that it has been installed, he is claiming that the piece has inclusions that are fracturing (client's own discription).  My fabricator had looked at the stone and says that there is nothing wrong with the slab and what my client is seeing are simply crystals sealed in in the epoxy.  Yet the client would not hear about it and the only thing he is concentrating on are the flaws that just won't do; he has even called other sstone outfitters and they tend to agree with him (though I am not sure what information he is providing to them).  Is it possible that this slab is defective?  Or is my client simply acting out on his paranoia?  Would you be able to provide me with some backup chemical & physical information for this product?

Care of marble countertops.

I am looking for some information about what kind of care & maintenance  is needed for white marble countertops in the kitchen.  I really love the look of Carrera marble, but am afraid it will become a maintenance nightmare.

Joanne McCallum

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Travertine Floor Restoration

I have approx. 500 of travetine marble installed in family room. The
tiles appear to have streaks on the surface as if the grout was not
properly removed when installed. I have tried several grout removal
products with no satisfaction. Recently a person showed me that using
200 and 400 grit compound, applied wet with a floor polisher would
produce a satin finish on the travertine which hid or removed these
a. Do you have any other suggestions?
b. Do you sell or can you refer me to someone who sells the grit. I live
in northern California, zip 94513. If possible, would appreciate an
estimate of that the material would cost me delivered.

Mort Morgenstern.

Botticino Fiorito marble with cracks

i would try to mix a small amount of clear epoxy mix with matching marble dust, if you can locate dust some can be made by grinding a tile on a grinding wheel an collecting dust in a vacumm, i try a very small area 1st, remember that epoxy drys extremely fast an very hard to polish, you will have to acheive a finish about as you go,you can only work small area s at a time , but be sure to get a white or clear color as most epoxies come in black or grey, hope this is helpful.
David Fuller.

refinishing old slate floor

We just bought a house with slate floor tiling in the kitchen, hall and bathroom. Replacing the floor is not an option financially. It has a hideous coating of what I am assuming is years of wax/dirt buildup - yellowish, browninsh and black. I tried to strip a small area with ammonia and it removed a lot of the shiny wax but not the crusty yellow bottom layer that seems to be stuck in the grooves and pits. I spent like an hour on one tile, and no amount of elbow grease affected it.  I tried a heavy-duty stripper from Home Depot with no results at all. The stripper at the janitorial supply store was too toxic in my opinion - I would like to do this myself but I don't want to actually die in the process. My husband thought we should sand it down but that seems like kind of a crazy idea - you would have to smooth it all out to one level to get the wax out of the grooves. Any suggestions??? Thanks, Tina

Spots on marble

We have a counter height round table with polished marble (tiles?) 
insert . We eat on this table and use place mats, etc. There are 
still spatter type stains that cannot be wiped off. I suspect salad 
dressing or possibly wine. Please advise.

Tumbled Marble

We are considering using tumbled marble as a back splash, but was told by a friend that if you cook with oil, it absorbs the oil and gets stained.  Can you elaborate on this.  I really like the way it looks and was wondering if sealing the tiles would solve the problem.

Jacinta Brown.


Saturday, June 6, 2009

Cleaning Travertine Showers

We recently purchased a new home.  The showers are matte finish travertine.  How do I clean and disinfect them?  Is baking soda a good thing to scour with?

Granite oil stain

I had a granite counter top installed color beige/Lt brown and after couple days of use I noticed a stain of oil on the surface after we left a container of food on it for about 1/2 hour. I guess the oil sipped thru the bag. Please any advise how to remove the stain and after seal the surface. I don't think the granite it was ever sealed because even water makes marks but they go away after a while. Please HELP.


Need your help,  Just had granite tops installed in kitchen, there is an L shape that required a seam at the seam it's about a 3 foot piece attached to the L, the problem is the 2 pieces are one lighter one darker, they are the same colors just one lighter, the installer said he has been doing this for 11 yr's and he promises that in time the water will dry up and the 2 will match. he said he thinks that when they cut it in the shop they sealed one section and not the other. and the sealed section is dark cause it was a little wet, so he came and sealed the 3 ft section it's still one side darker than the other. he said it's common and that eventually they will dry and match, so is there anyone out there who agrees and give it time or is this not right and should they replace all o0f it, My customer will do what I say so i need someones advice who knows thier granite  John L.

Shellstone sealer?

I am currently working with a client who wants to buy a coffee table w/ a shellstone top.  It does not come sealed and the manufacturer won't seal it.  What type of sealer would work for a shellstone?  What is the best process for applying a sealer? 

How can I undo the shine of the marble?

I ordered black Belfast honed marble for my kitchen and bath.  They 
polished it. How can I undo the shine or what should I ask them to do 
to get it back to the natural look.

Would any of your products make it look matte?

Catherine Riley Billups.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Crack from builder installation dilemma

    We are supposed to close escrow this Monday, June 19, 2006. We discovered an installation crack in our marble tub deck (which we paid a upgrade cost to install). The builder, Standard Pacific Homes, did not advise us until today, that they would only repair the crack. However, they have not tested it for it's repair worthiness in holding up and not getting worse over time for use under normal circumstances. A visual repair is only half of the equation in my opinion. I need a referral for a marble specialist who can give me an answer on the expected performance of this marble taking into consideration the crack, which was created, from builder during installation. We are located in Irvine, California 92620.

Thank you in advance for your help and kind assistance in this matter.

when I touch the ring it feels rough

I have a ring mark in my marble countertop in the bathroom and some of the counter doesn't look that shiny. What can I do to bring it back. when I touch the ring it feels rough. what is this from? Water?
Thank you,

Is there a safe way to remove this dried grout?

I recently had Carerra Marble flooring installed in my bathroom and the installers were rather messy.  It seems there is still some grout left on the actual marble tiles.  Is there a safe way to remove this dried grout without harming the floor?
Thanks in Advance, Gina, USA.

May I have your in depth guidlines?

I enjoy reading what you write. I am thinking of installing marble or limestone for kitchen counters and although I know they're more labor intensive, I have been told that there are marvelous sealers out there. I'm just so sick of granite....


Im looking to clean & shine the marble?

hi. im looking to clean and shine the marble in my bathroom.  i was told that some of the tiles lost their shine possibly because ajax or comet was used to clean it.  do you have any recommendations on how to restore these tiles?
Joseph Mancuso.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Do true marbles vary much in those areas?

Your site is very informative and much appreciated. I realize you
cannot know every marble by every sales name but I am considering a
beige marble known as tiara beige and wonder if you know anything about
its characteristics? Because it is fairly inexpensive, we wonder if it
is possible that it is of a lower quality, softer, more porous etc.
than other similar marbles like botticcino or broccato. Do true marbles
vary much in those areas?

Thank you

Any ideas on how to remove hair dye stains?

Any ideas on how to remove hair dye stains in our shower with marble tiles which have already been sealed.
Keith eyres.

What do you think about tumbled marble countertops

I see that you are the expert on stones. What do you think about tumbled marble countertops? What are the disadvantages? Thanks.


How to attach shower curtain rod to the marble.

We are having marble installed in our new master bath and I'm not sure how a shower curtain rod should be attached to the marble.  I'm hearing conflicting answers to this question and would like to know how a professional would do it if left to his own devises.

Soft Italian Marbles /Polished Porous Granite.

Dear Sir,

A)  In soft Italian marbles (especially Satuario & Greek Thassous) There is
a lot of ferrous content
within. On installation, due to moisture vapour transmission, the ferrous
content apparently
turns into ferric oxide and appears on the top surface as a golden brown
stain (small, medium
or as pin head spots)

Poultice rarely works effectively for this problem

Is there a solution to this ?

B)  For ,  would a solvent based sealer be more
efficient / effective than water based sealer ?

      (For kitchen counter top )

Thank You.

Mehul  Jhaveri.